ps_aboutPeace Space began in the small township of Elphinstone, outside of Castlemaine in Victoria (Australia). A healing centre aligned to Source and spiritual guidance for healing and learning towards a more peaceful world, Peace Space is not confined to any one physical location. Now with the opening of this online medium, the potential is greater for anyone who is working towards a life with…

Ease of Pace
Grace & Joy
Balance & Harmony
and Opportunities for
Change & Growth
towards greater awareness

…to access and incorporate the Peace Space mode to healing in their daily lives.

The Peace Space mode to healing has been derived from Source and spiritual guidance for a period of over 30 years. It is a system for safely understanding the multi-faceted aspects of energy that impact our individual human lives, within the larger body of reality (or, the Bigger Picture).

Anyone who accesses Peace Space has the potential to become part of this wide Peace Space community, as they take with them greater personal insight into the energies they engage with on a daily basis. The extent to which each being wishes to participate with Peace Space’s Earth-healing is a matter for individual choice.

While based in Elphinstone, healers – using different hands-on and energetic modalities – created a healing fellowship which now reaches beyond the bounds of the original physical dwelling. Over the years, these healers shared their channelled insights, gifts and abilities in order to better understand shifting planetary energies, assist with balancing them and, in so doing, contribute to the healing of our Earth.

Although Elphinstone is no longer Peace Space’s physical meeting location, this collaborative healing work continues today and has become an open library of contribution and energy exchange for anyone who wishes to study and personally build on the Peace Space mode to healing.

Peace Space offers healing modalities which are unified through an ever expanding awareness of the colour spectrum and its relationships. This awareness may be accessed through classes and/or personal etheric consultation with Peace Space healers and includes:

• Powerful and appropriate levels of clearing and protection as an essential prerequisite for all healing procedures
• An extensive system of healing (channelled by Jen) through colour and shape via mandalas and meditational commentaries
• Energetic support to healing through the essences of stone
• Complementary systems relating to sound, animal and plant energies and spiritual tarot understandings are being developed.
• Past-life readings to assist healing of traumas and to highlight gifts and abilities
• Etheric support, for babies being born into service for Earth-healing and for their mothers

The wisdom and healing energies of many, both in the physical and the non-physical realms, have instigated (and continue to inform) the growth and direction of Peace Space. The nature of living organisms is such that we expect this body of Earth-healers to change and develop according to the requirements of energetic planetary healing.