Those who have participated in the days when Peace Space held group workshops and gatherings in Elphinstone may recall how, through sharing current personal experiences or concerns, group conscious energy was evident. The concerns of one person quite often turned out to be very similar to another’s.

Although these opportunities to share may have diminished, the evidence of those collective current experiences or trials is still around. You may have noticed this in your daily lives, however subtle it may first appear.

At this time, through contact with various others in the Peace Space community, it has been reported that one of those usual common threads appears to be emerging. Issues that are seemingly wide-ranging actually carry a connected theme. The mandala that keeps presenting itself during these times of separate discussions and realisations is none other than


AMBER mandala 123

Disinfecting and “unaffecting” the infection of your spiritual cause is your responsibility at this perceptional level. When family afflictions conflict with your future, and fear of conviction requires that you change, it is this Mandala that will call in a cure.

Your ill-fitting—and unfitting—façades have outworn their welcome and, if you are to face the new challenge, the threshold of your future will require a new wardrobe. Old hangers-on and dressing-downs of outworn models and modes of behaviour and punishment have persecuted your need for a culling.

Once it was considered—indeed, expected—that you should look at life and how it should be lived in a certain way, and that you should be courteous in a certain way. Now from the closet you emerge, however, and because prior poor perceptions seem to have cast a spell upon you, few from your past are able to see the new you!

This spell—created by ill-thought, or misperception–has now been broken and its thread can no longer be spun to keep you in the dark. New formulas have birthed your new, awakening form. Here begins your strange new journey of being seen to do an about-turn, although, in the “actual and factual”, you are merely the adult moth that has matured from its cocoon. The wardrobe you now wear will be seen as spun silk by some and uniform hair-shirt by others, but to you it is just the change from a cocoon to a cloak-of-many-colours. The old cloth cloak of the child has chosen to crone and clock a new course and cause. The clones of old blood ties that have caused the clowning of your cause come to an end as you open the curtain of being absolutely certain that your way is Your Way.

You now see the light of this being your day. Although this will frighten many away, it is the only way to create a new way, even for those who are frightened and foe. The actuality is that, as you face forward to your future, you will always be the same instead of being many parts of the past. Your multiple personalities and expectations are on an expedition into the One Way.