AMBER RAY – Friday 28th November, 2014


AMBER mandala 123


ANGEL ~ Michael
STONES ~ Citrine, Aragonite, Leopard Skin, Clay, Amber, Petrified Wood, Allurgite, Chrysoberyl, 
ANIMALS ~ Butterfly, Firefly, Horse, Moose, Crayfish
TAROT ~ Hangman

BALANCED STATE OF THE PSYCHE — “I move with ease through my experiences.”
DEFICIENT STATE OF THE PSYCHE — “I am powerless to affect my world.”
EXCESSIVE STATE OF THE PSYCHE — “If something could be dangerous, unpleasant or frightening, I should worry about it.”
FEAR STATE — Fear of making mistakes (especially with the Future – just go in and ‘do it’ with faith!)

Mastering your Emotional Reactions & Responses to the Astral Realm & Being Responsible for Interacting Energetically

the essence of…AMBER…Relates to electromagnetism, prana and etheric power. Bronze AMBER relates to condensed prana residing in the lower subconscious, while light AMBER relates to the purity of prana in the etheric body. AMBER activates an altruistic and passive nature. A thought-amplifier, it creates realisation of the spiritual intellect and spiritualises the intellect. It opens the brow and emotional chakras and aligns and stimulates the mental body to proceed to the spiritual body. AMBER acts as a strong protection for the astral body, and assists you to master your fears and emotional reactions thus allowing you to work more safely with the intuition. AMBER is used for memory loss, decision-making, eccentric behaviour and anxiety. It aids in eliminating confusion about what is really true. It clears the mental body and balances the 5th chakra. Used on the 4th chakra – the heart chakra– it aids the intellect to guide the emotions, and on the 3rd chakra – the solar plexus – it guides intellectual clarity concerning issues of your career, health or personal power. On the physical levels, AMBER strengthens the thyroid, inner ear and neurological tissue. It improves and develops the resonation of the vertebrae and may be used to treat disease of the brain and the central nervous system. It eases viral inflammations and assists the assimilation of Vitamin B. AMBER is also helpful in cases of emotional asthma and to calm hormonal and reproductive fears. AMBER may also be used to strengthen the lungs and abdomen. 


For those wishing to undertake AMBER Ray study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.

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