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Mastering your Emotions within the Astral Realm
The Astral World is a Realm that permeates each of your perceptions, in fact, every single aspect of your daily concerns—from your dreams, thoughts, choices and decisions to your actions and reactions. It is therefore wise to understand what Astral influences are and how they work, and to become aware of the ability of the AMBER Ray to help you master the impact those influences have on your life.

The Astral Realm belongs to the physical plane of your existence. It is an infinite world that holds your past experiences for the sake of the future. It films and records all your emotions and actions so that you can rewind the past and remind yourself of any unfinished learnings that continue to exist from your past experiences.

The more you understand your holdings within the Astral Realm and constructively surface them for release, the lighter will be the burden upon the Astral Realm and upon the Earth you purport to love so dearly. You will see, now, that if you were to spend more time consciously residing with the Astral—through your Clearing and Protection procedure, for instance)—you would create far less conflict, contradiction, confusion and chaos within the collective consciousness, and you would certainly not deposit as much constriction and restriction on the Earth plane. It would also keep you from acting in ways that are contrary to your real nature. It is here that AMBER‘s light, like the divine protection the Ancients sought, can offer you much assistance as you learn to negotiate the shades and shadows of the grey world of the Astral Realm.

With this Colour Ray study, you will have further understanding of:

The Astral Realm – which can be likened to a forum for relationships, or a playing field on which the tussles between opposing teams take place. Much processing and resolving of issues can be achieved within this Realm
AMBER Ray’s effect upon the Astral Realm – AMBER, a Master Colour (#33), will help you “master” your behaviour within the Astral Realm with which you have, as yet, so little conscious familiarity.
AMBER’s Flow of Energy – providing you with a much easier flow of energy than previously which means that your protective levels are less likely to become impaired by the deconstructive energies you have attracted to yourself in the Astral Realm.
The AMBER Experience – leading the way so you can align your physical, emotional and mental levels with the Divine Will of your intent.


2014 Study Date: Friday 28th November


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Your Colour Healing Journey

It is generally understood that the purpose of the spiritual journey is less the destination than it is the experience of travelling.  While this is true of this Colour journey, its purpose extends beyond “spiritual acquisitiveness” in all its forms and leads the committed traveller into healing realms and ever expanding awareness for the sake of serving dimensional life previously unknown and unimagined.

For those wishing to undertake AMBER Ray study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.