AMBER mandala 123
Study date: Friday 28th November 2014

The Ray of Resolution & Resilience

After LIME, AMBER Ray will bring in the light that will help you to see clearly and non-judgmentally through the often confusing astral fog so that you can move more surely towards your future.

Along the way, this Colour Journey will teach the basic respectful principles of healing. The Colours will care for and nurture you as you travel, and you will never be expected to venture further than you are willing to go.

Next Colour Ray is TURQUOISE.


Hues of Heartfelt Healing & Coloured Care

The rainbow sequence of the Peace Space Prism of Colour Healing is something that can psychologically stabilise and securely unite the various states of your consciousness.  By becoming more aware of the colours of your world, and more at one with them, you will be able to have a closer communion with the world you live in and be granted greater insight and understanding of your experiences within this world—and of the worlds within yourself.