Main Messages:
Energetically Listening — Wait for the Call — Respectful Politeness — Correct Motives — Healing the Past


WEDNESDAY’S ANIMAL WISDOM ~ Animals from the Colour Deck of Divine Intent (the 1-13 Colour Rays)
From time to time, an Animal paper — in summary or in full — will be published here on the website (and/or on the Facebook page) with the intention to introduce them to a new audience or perhaps reacquaint them with you if you have ‘met’ them already. The aim is to always present these Animals on a Wednesday, although some Wednesdays there may be no calling/need to feature a creature! So please check in here on a Wednesday if you wish to keep track of this series.

This Wisdom series, begun in 2016, aims to introduce some of the Animals who share the natural world with all Beings. Many of these Animals have shared their wisdom over the past 16+ years with us and may be found throughout the Peace Space work. On occasion, the Wednesday Wisdom Animal will be new, previously unpublished in any of the existing Peace Space manuals. All are shared here with thanks to Peace Space contributors — past, present and future.

97 Blue Banded Bee-Amber

Blue-banded Bee
Mandala 97, DEEP AMBER “Germinating the Genes”
Sound Chord—D6

Contemplative Thought — Patience — Individual — Group Consciousness — Middle of the Road

Blue Banded Bee is the colourful Australian native—known as ‘buzz pollinators’ or sonicators—with the special job of being a pollinator for a select group of flowering plants and native flowers. This bee attaches itself to the stem of the flower and shivers its flight muscles causing the flower and its anthers to vibrate to release the pollen, allowing reproduction to occur. The bee then collects the pollen. This process of sonication energy is like using a tuning fork to assist the plant to release its hold on the pollen. When this bright light of a bee buzzes into your world, you are being asked to put a sensitive light on aspects of influence stemming from your astral travelling. Just as these bees are intuitively listening for the flowers to call them when the flowers are ready for help in releasing their pollen, so too are you being sought; listen for the whispers from the astral plane of your Higher Guidance to be of service for those who are feeling lost or needing unlocking from past pain or panic and to enable their transit into a space of more safety and like-minded support. This is pollination for new growth.

Blue Banded Bee minds its own business and doesn’t swarm around like other bee species. It holds no sense of self-importance and waits the call from the flowers, as its cue, to be of service. The humble Blue Banded Bee is always ready to be called to duty. They are asking you “Are You Ready?” to be called in for energetic spiritual duty in your purpose of service and counsel to others? Or do you tend to swarm in, uninvited, to help where permission has not been given you, thereby perhaps causing panic in others and at the same time then bringing angst upon yourself?

Blue Banded Bee warns of respecting the boundaries of others. With their black and turquoise-blue bands of colour, these bees are letting you know of checking in on any ill placed multiple personalities that may be upsetting to the person whose pattern you may be impolitely looking into. This shining light from the Animal Kingdom offers you much in the way of Energenetic Colour Healing protocol and procedure while highlighting perspectives of resilience and resolve, reminding you to use correct communication and interpretation when you are invited to be of service in assisting another, or even yourself, to correctly move through the patterns of pain or panic of the past and allow safe transit into the future new learning. The greatest gift of the Blue Banded Bee is in the interpretation of what you see, and then, how and when to offer that interpretation with true politeness and empathy towards others.