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Guardian — Honour — Respect — Opportunity — Life, Death & Re-birth Cycles — Peaceful Solutions — Sharing


WEDNESDAY’S ANIMAL WISDOM ~ Animals from the Colour Deck of Divine Intent (the 1-13 Colour Rays)
From time to time, an Animal paper — in summary or in full — will be published here on the website (and/or on the Facebook page) with the intention to introduce them to a new audience or perhaps reacquaint them with you if you have ‘met’ them already. The aim is to always present these Animals on a Wednesday, although some Wednesdays there may be no calling/need to feature a creature! So please check in here on a Wednesday if you wish to keep track of this series.

This Wisdom series, begun in 2016, aims to introduce some of the Animals who share the natural world with all Beings. Many of these Animals have shared their wisdom over the past 16+ years with us and may be found throughout the Peace Space work. On occasion, the Wednesday Wisdom Animal will be new, previously unpublished in any of the existing Peace Space manuals. All are shared here with thanks to Peace Space contributors — past, present and future.


22 jackal blue

Mandala 22, SPECTRUM BLUE “The Social Symmetry”
Sound Chord—Dm

Guardian — Honour — Respect — Opportunity
Sharing — Life, Death & Re-birth Cycles — Peaceful Solutions

Journeying with Jackal will take you into the understanding and wisdom of your great social gifts while you work with expanded awareness in group conscious situations. In Egyptian times the Jackal was held in high esteem for its special healing powers. Anubis, the jackal-headed god and guardian of the afterlife, stood between the realms of life and death and was, therefore, responsible for re-birth too.

Today, Jackal is the totem for those on the spiritual path who wish to move away from their old way of life. Jackal calls to you to hunt a new way, new growth, a new life. Let Jackal be your guardian in a meditation that takes you from a farewell to the past through to an entry into new beginnings and light. Jackal’s connection to the afterlife is likely to have been derived from its habit of digging up bodies from graves along the Nile. Jackal was thought to lead the souls of the dead into the afterlife, and release the body from its past life so that new life could be birthed.

Jackal is often considered anti-social because of its opportunistic hunting of food from any available source. This calls you to check on behaviour that could be considered anti-social. Are you encroaching on another’s rightful space and truth, or is someone encroaching upon yours? Is it time to stand aside from outmoded social patterns and attitudes and allow change to emerge within you?

When this totem appears for you, it may be time to ask why you feel you must compete with another to get your way, for life is not a game of win or lose but, rather, equality for all. Jackal asks you to expand your thinking to encompass new opportunities and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the actions or opinions of others. Look for what nourishes you in new or changed situations. The Jackal asks if you are standing in your own truth, without aggression towards others, and if you are making all efforts to settle any disputes peacefully.

The pack behaviour of Jackal, which represents a level of group-consciousness, calls for you to work together with others for mutual benefit rather than taking a lone stance. This will broaden your range of opportunities and create greater sharing and togetherness with emotional respect and equality.