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Staying Still, Calm & Sensitive — Be a Gentle Rock — Inner & Outer — Be Your Own Compass(ionate)


From time to time, an Animal paper — in summary or in full — will be published here on the website (and/or on the Facebook page) with the intention to introduce them to a new audience or perhaps reacquaint them with you if you have ‘met’ them already. The aim is to always present these Animals on a Wednesday, although some Wednesdays there may be no calling/need to feature a creature! So please check in here on a Wednesday if you wish to keep track of this series.

This Wisdom series, begun in 2016, aims to introduce some of the Animals who share the natural world with all Beings. Many of these Animals have shared their wisdom over the past 16+ years with us and may be found throughout the Peace Space work. On occasion, the Wednesday Wisdom Animal will be new, previously unpublished in any of the existing Peace Space manuals. All are shared here with thanks to Peace Space contributors — past, present and future.


Mandala 101 of the Clearing & Protection – “Compass”, Level 1 (circle)
Stone—Tourmaline Quartz
Sound Chord—A+

Oysters belong to the bivalve species of soft-bodied mollusc, of which there are some 10,000 species worldwide. These animal creatures dwell inside a two-part valve-shell, which is joined by a hinge. Many of the species move around by means of a muscular foot. However, the oyster lets go of its foot at post-larval stage, taking preference to attach to the rocky shores of the ocean over the need to dig themselves out of the shifting sands. This provides you with a clue of how Oyster wisdom can assist you on your spiritual quest.

Oyster prefers to stay put for much of its life. This is symbolic of the need to be still, quietly contained and not moving around in the outside world at this time. Oyster is showing you that for positive change and growth to happen, it is wise to stay centred in your more sensitive self within, rather than become overwhelmed or smothered by the waves of changeable energy in the outside world. It is time to use your own shell as a means of protection. Call upon Oyster energy to show you how to be your own rock and find your grounding, for it is time to be protective of your sensitive self for your sake and the sake of others.

Oysters survive and thrive in inter-tidal zones mainly in shallower waters of the temperate and tropical regions. The shell of the oyster is the protective home for the delicate creature inside. How well are you providing protection for your more sensitive inner nature (delicacy) despite the rough or tough exterior you may perhaps present to the world? Are you violating the gentler aspects of self either emotionally, mentally or spiritually by continually trying to keep up with the harsher external influences of an outside world? Or are you chewing on something when perhaps what is needed for your best nourishment now is to swallow the job whole? Perhaps you have become so attracted to, or distracted by, unhelpful irritations or intrusions of mainstream that you have forgotten or overlooked your soul purpose and the need for maintaining a peaceful inner-self.

Call in the energy of Oyster to help protect you as you learn to shift your focus away from the repetitive waves of self-violation that hinder your growth as a sensitive in the physical mainstream world. The two-part shell of the oyster is a reminder for you to meet and face the reflected polarity of irritations from the outside world while remaining true to yourself with vigilance, strength and grace when meeting those interferences. For if “the world is (to become) your oyster”, Oyster medicine reminds you that thriving in life, and not merely surviving, hinges on you becoming the shell of the Oyster—getting in touch with your sensitive inner-world creature, thereby carefully and gracefully working through the difficulties you are faced with in life to create your own pearls of wisdom.

Oysters are filter feeders and have the capacity to filter great volumes of water. This reflects the need to be alert and energetically filter the emotional needs and wants that come from the interactive effects of being in the outside world. Call on Oyster wisdom to help you to be one with the world, while not necessarily being affected by what is going on in the world. It is time to stay in your shell and keep your perceptions well focused away from the influences of what is happening externally. Ask Oyster to be in meditation with you and guide you in keeping your bond with your true inner sensitive self. This will support and protect you as you monitor your self-conscious state to gauge your wellbeing and calm stance in the outside world.

The inner sensitivity of your Oyster creature is calling you to be aware of the constant need for compassion by remaining in your shell. When change is called for, this shell will offer you protection when dealing with the feelings of yourself and of those around you, and in the community at large. Oyster people are masters at remaining quietly positive and use their sensitivity to see through the change of old cross-currents while allowing the changes of growth to weather the ebb and flow of new incoming tides. The marvel of Oyster magic is in providing you with a container (shell) for protection so you may capitalise on your ability to hold a greater capacity within to care and create new pearls of wisdom.

These wonderful gems of the sea are prompting you to remain attached to your inner home (rock) as you learn to sensibly and sensitively deal with the shifting of the tides that can often cause snags, upsets and irritations in life. Let your inner world be your Oyster and the compass of your true soul purpose!

Staying Still, Calm & Sensitive — Be a Gentle Rock  — Inner & Outer
— Be Your Own Compass(ionate)