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From time to time, an Animal paper — in summary or in full — will be published here on the website (and/or on the Facebook page) with the intention to introduce them to a new audience or perhaps reacquaint them with you if you have ‘met’ them already. The aim is to always present these Animals on a Wednesday, although some Wednesdays there may be no calling/need to feature a creature! So please check in here on a Wednesday if you wish to keep track of this series.

This Wisdom series, begun in 2016, aims to introduce some of the Animals who share the natural world with all Beings. Many of these Animals have shared their wisdom over the past 16+ years with us and may be found throughout the Peace Space work. On occasion, the Wednesday Wisdom Animal will be new, previously unpublished in any of the existing Peace Space manuals. All are shared here with thanks to Peace Space contributors — past, present and future.


sea eagle

White-breasted Sea Eagle
Mandala 44 Points of Interconnection – Light YELLOW
Sound Chord—Fmj7

Guarding the waterways, this majestic bird lives along lowland rivers and larger tributaries and can be seen patrolling the vast coastlines of Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. White-breasted Sea Eagle appears to maintain a permanent territory and can be seen perched in open positions high on trees, cliffs and headlands as it watches for all and any movement. Soaring to great heights, it flies and glides over water. Also, it can be found down on the shore investigating cast-up items of food. This skilled hunter will catch fish, sea-snakes, other birds, ducks, juvenile black swans and small mammals such as rabbits. White-breasted Sea Eagle will occasionally harry other birds, making them drop their prey which it then picks up. Flocks or groups of birds, such as gulls, oystercatchers, terns and even magpies will chase the White-breasted Sea Eagle away from their nesting sites.

White-breasted Sea Eagles usually build their stick-nests, which they line with green leaves, 30 metres or more above ground in tall trees, but at inland swamps they will nest-build in smaller trees and on treeless islands on rocks, or on the ground. When the young hatch, the male and female share the brooding time and although they both defend the nest, the male will do so more vigorously.

White-breasted Sea Eagle calls you to find your own true place on this Earth, and it may well be that you are also asked to be your own guardian. This choice of nomadic existence brings the challenge of meeting the many extremities within yourself and you may sometimes feel that others are not as understanding of your quest as they might be. Using White-breasted Sea Eagle energy brings together your skills to seek out all manner of things that nurture and support your growth and bring life to your new ideas. Your quest for spiritual sustenance will often have you living away from the mainstreams of society while you take on the responsibility of knowing the complete expanse of your own territory. Take courage as you soar away from old ways and your emotional attachment to them, and be alert to pernicious attacks from others who do not understand your truth. White-breasted Sea Eagle will teach you how to glide with honest pride, scan the sky for new ideas and nurture, let your feet feel the shift of the sand bringing new things your way, be warmed and guided by the sunlight of a new day, and allow the light of the stars at night to guide you in your meditations. Use the comfort of Nature to line your heart and soul and remember, as day turns to night and night to day, to keep an open mind as you reach out in your quest to connect to Spirit. These connections will support you in whatever place or walk of life you choose.

Own Guardian — Find Your Place — Away from Mainstream — Courage Truth — Honest Pride — New Day