Main Messages:
Survival Attitudes — Manipulated Thinking — Surfacing Old Ways — Free Spirit— New Potential — Spreading Wings


Silkworm Moth
Mandala 84 of the Clearing & Protection – “Silver Threads”, Level 3 (diamond)
Sound Chord—Ab0

The Silkworm Moths share a story of spiritual healing medicine that is a pertinent and powerful medium in terms of guidance for your survival. Silkworm Moth (Brombyx mori) is a domesticated moth and used in the production of raw silk for centuries by China and throughout Asia, while the Luna Moth is the giant Silkworm Moth of the Americas, known to many indigenous tribes and revered for its fertility, healing and manifestation qualities. Both of these Silkworm Moths are Air element totems which hold healing and meaning for thoughts—that is, about your thinking and perceptions of mental plane attitudes and altitudes.

The domesticated Silkworm Moth, whose Latin name (Brombyx mori) means “the silkworm of the mulberry tree”, brings you understanding of what needs to be changed in your life. These silkworms have been subjected to selective and rigid breeding programs in order to produce large quantities of fine silk thread for manufacturing and commercial purposes. This process, over time, has caused silkworms to no longer be found living in the wild, having lost their ability to fly and reproduce by themselves. They have become captive to humanity’s need and the greed of societies’ wants for the fine silks the silkworms are able to produce. The cost to the Silkworm Moth is its life, for once they have reached the papal stage of spinning their silk cacoon they are not allowed to make a hole in the cacoon to emerge as an adult moth as this damages and shortens the silk fibres. So the Silkworm in its cacoon is immersed in boiling water, killing it, thereby easily releasing the silken fibres from the cocoons to lengths of 900m which are more desirable for weaving the expensive silk cloth. The ‘cooked’ silkworm is often eaten as a delicacy.

And so the Silkworm Moth, through sacrificing the fullness of its life, is calling you to take account, pay attention and be conscious of how you may have short-circuited your own creative potential in reaching greater spiritual growth. Ask yourself, have you been prevented from fully opening your wings and flying high in the true sense of your life’s circumstances? When Silkworm Moth appears to you is it time to protect yourself by reviewing your own journey of survival. Here you are being called to discern whether you need to be more protective of your own processes when choosing what you align with in life as these may have become caught up or manipulated in the threading of the wheels of mainstream societal systems or ambitions. The appearance of Silkworm Moth is signalling you that it is time to seek out your own silver linings of forgotten potential and desires, those that have become lost in the weavings of your own circumstances, having been borne of a harsher or more close-minded perspective.

While the domesticated Silkworm Moth is guiding you to surface and look at those old levels of survival held in your subconscious, it is the Luna Moth that can offer you guidance for looking into your hidden memories and help you recognise your truth and true nature. These memories may have been turbulent, harsh or historically caused you to plummet into a sense of fatigue or depression as you endeavoured to change and grow. Now, be inspired with Luna Moth and the emergence of realising new realities that will be setting you free, to fly on your wings into a better existence of who you really and truly are.

Throughout the North American area this most beautiful of silk moths, the Luna Moth, has the ability to produce differing numbers of generations according to the climate and environment in which they live. Luna Moth lives a free spirited existence, flowing through its life stages from larva, pupa and cocoon into adult moth. As it emerges from the cocoon, Luna Moth pumps bodily fluids through its minute wings to enlarge them. At first the wings are soft. Needing time to harden its wings, Luna Moth climbs to somewhere safe to allow this to happen before it flies away. The Luna Moth’s beautiful wings have eyespots on them which are there to confuse any would-be predator. The Luna Moth’s soul/sole purpose is to reproduce, therefore, it has no mouth and does not eat as an adult moth.

The silk cocoon of the Luna Moth is revered by many of the American Indian tribes as a symbol of healing, fertility and overall manifestation of positive optimism. Luna Moth urges you to find the silver lining that can be found in any light or darkness of what may have become your frustration in life. Go into your cocoon of safe inner space, away from any chaos, to meditate. Venturing into the calm eye of your own storm is Luna Moth’s way showing you how to disperse your confusion arising from encountering those energies that preyed upon you in the past. Work through the weaving of your own fertile inner threading of potential to empower your hidden gifts and abilities now needing the light of a new day. It is time to realise the fuller capacity of putting positive thinking towards revealing your Luna Moth wings of fresh spiritedness.

When either of these Silkworm Moths appear to you, you are put on notice to take a step back to assess your journey in life. It is a time to review those things you have overlooked or suppressed in your memory that have caused you to not reach your fullest potential and, thereby, may have brought you to currently realise a sense of fatigue or dissatisfaction with where you are “at”. Recognise this is a time for you to rest, recover and let your newness of spirit spread your wings to fly in a new way. The Indian tribes use the silk cocoons of the Luna Moth to make ceremonial rattles by putting pebbles into cocoons and binding several of them together on a handle and decorating them. These rattles are used for calling in the powers and energies of manifestation while singing a prayer for the person to get what they prayed for. Call in the energy of the Luna Moth to help you to bring in fresh new potential and change of your own making, for an enlightened mental attitude and clearer thinking to take you away from any sense of being rattled by feelings of despair, frustration and fatigue.

Gossip — Depression — Fairness — Movement — Balance — Vulnerable Self Empowerment — Weaving