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Gossip — Depression — Fairness — Movement — Balance — Vulnerable — Self Empowerment — Weaving


From time to time, an Animal paper — in summary or in full — will be published here on the website (and/or on the Facebook page) with the intention to introduce them to a new audience or perhaps reacquaint them with you if you have ‘met’ them already. The aim is to always present these Animals on a Wednesday, although some Wednesdays there may be no calling/need to feature a creature! So please check in here on a Wednesday if you wish to keep track of this series.

This Wisdom series, begun in 2016, aims to introduce some of the Animals who share the natural world with all Beings. Many of these Animals have shared their wisdom over the past 16+ years with us and may be found throughout the Peace Space work. On occasion, the Wednesday Wisdom Animal will be new, previously unpublished in any of the existing Peace Space manuals. All are shared here with thanks to Peace Space contributors — past, present and future.


Willie Wagtail
Mandala 104 of the Clearing & Protection – “Facets and Filigree”, Level 3 (triangle)
Sound Chord—Ab6

Willie Wagtail is found living over most of Australia and can be seen flitting about through quiet and open space environments. Seen sitting on a fence line one minute, foraging for invertebrates the next, or catching insects as they fly about, maybe even perching on post or branches, this little fantail bird is often seen hanging around with a cow or horse, even landing on their backs as it goes about its daily routine. Constantly wagging its tail from side to side, Willie Wagtail gives off a sense of constant rhythm and movement and is also representative of the different facets of energy you may be using or meeting with in your day. With upper parts and throat of black and underparts and eyebrows of white, Willie Wagtail is highlighting aspects of the ways you speak of, and view, the Light and Dark of a situation.Willie’s Wagtail energy is commanding you to look at how you spend your time and energy creating a rhythmic balance in your day to day routines. Named because of the wagging of its tail, Willie Wagtail is showing you how to become tuned in to your needs and fine-tune your working patterns with pacing and spacing, just as musicians use a metronome to pace their music. Willie Wagtail is suggestion you check on whether you are chasing around and being kept busy with too many perceptions of your way in life. Or are you being snagged by another’s perceptions of what you are doing? Or could it be that you are being affected by gossip?

Willie Wagtail is known for its chatter as well as its song, perhaps why in some Aboriginal dreaming Willie Wagtail is the messenger connected to the warning of listening to gossip. Could listening to gossip or even engaging in it be tripping you up along your way and setting up feelings of depression about what you are doing? This little bird is bringing you the wisdom of being aware not to become susceptible to listening to, or being involved in, gossip mongering of any kind. When Willie Wagtail jaunts into your life it is a cue to stay true and in tune to your own true song and create your own music in your own way. This way, you will be able to weave your pattern of fairness for yourself without becoming vulnerable to the flux or flow of interferences (insects) you come across in life.

Work with Willie Wagtail energy, meditate and observe how it busily does many things on the go, while it combines this with a sense of balance and repetitive discipline to achieve all it has to. Willie Wagtail reminds you that when you are busy in your own way with a sense of calm and balance, you can weave a way that is good for you and your own self-empowerment. Likewise, at the same time take care to check that your busy-ness is not the result of trying to give too much in the face of comments or the needs of others, or from your own busy mind-chatter of not doing or being good enough.

The Willie Wagtail makes a ‘cup’ shaped nest woven with grasses and covered in cobwebs then lined with hair, fur and soft grasses. Often the Willie Wagtail will reuse its nest from year to year, recycling and rebuilding them. This practice reminds you to revisit the ‘home nest’ of your inner being to recycle and renew those aspects of your intricate weave, finding ways to un-knot and re-knit new levels of fairness and protection for your ongoing creativeness in this new life for yourself.
The appearance of Willie Wagtail may be telling you it is time to go check if your cup is half full or half empty and discern how best to re-pair and re-weave your inner patterns of conscious equality for yourself. Take care not to ‘twitter’ or gossip too much in the mainstream and be aware to share your lessons in life with those who have the wisdom and weightiness to handle your situation, i.e. such as the nurture of the Cow or the strength of the Horse.

Let Willie Wagtail provide you with a snapshot view of the many facets of your life that go into making up the fine filigree of your purpose-filled life and so restoring your integrity, balance and rhythm.

Gossip — Depression — Fairness — Movement — Balance — Vulnerable
Self Empowerment — Weaving