Back Diamond
Your Back Diamond (diag. above) houses all that has gone before in your present life as well as in your past incarnations. All this lies in your memory for you to draw from so that you can shoulder the responsibility of “fathering a concept” and being responsible for that cause — that is, acting in a spiritually accountable way.

Your Back Diamond houses all your energenetic imprinting and all your experiences to date. Therefore, it is here in your Back Diamond that you will find your spiritual responsibility to bring forth the gifts that have been created by your experiences and the abilities you have gained as a result of them.

Thus, your Back Diamond holds your potential. It will support you in now standing as a more independent truth-walker who is freer from familial, social, cultural and spiritual prejudices and scripts and who has immediate access to all the knowledge gleaned from your experiences in your ancestral past.

Energenetics study (and resultant healing) shows you how to put your ancestral past, your astral reality, and the influences of any sect, group, or class reality into proper proportion and perspective. While you should, indeed, bring your positive knowledge from those areas into the Now, you will also have to close the door to the past where personal power abuse patterns from any of the above-mentioned three levels (ancestral, astral and social) of your past reside. These patterns will have to be locked out from your Back Diamond and transposed by means of the Masters’ Colour MINT Mandala and the 7th level of Clearing and Protection so that you can walk away from the viral intrusion that has been caused by set-minded attitudes of sect over-power and resulted in your resisting the realisation of your individual potential. This resistance has come from ancestral overlay, and your resistance to accepting freedom from group social fear has come from astral overplay.

Although Energenetic Healing is received through your Top Diamond2, it is your Base Diamond3 that initiates this healing throughout your etheric pattern and the Back Diamond that provides you with your productive and creative pursuits which follow such healing.


If this resonates on some level and you wish to begin the Energenetic Healing process for yourself*, please feel free to make an enquiry.

*Please Note: While it is not essential, Peace Space recommends the study of at least some, if not all, the 1-13 Colour Rays first as this will help to introduce this new level and pace of healing, as well as provide a stable and supportive background to your method.