boabtreeBirthing a new world involves a cleansing ritual and the Boab Tree essence is a wonderful first step. Conceptually, the chaos of birthing is borne by a process of delivery on the promise of a new life – unblemished, wholesome and full of hope for a new world.

When we last studied New World Colour DAWN PINK, we spent quite a period discussing the energetic and physical entry of ourselves and our children into this world. Our conclusion was simple: it’s all too quick with quite a large amount of physical intervention, too much handling and too many people.

We deduced that this over-orchestrated procedure was, in fact, not allowing the new life to come through with grace and was also neither observing the involutionary energies and rites of passage nor allowing extraneous energies and attachments (past, present and future) to dissolve and be absolved.

Within the womb, foetal development is monitored and mentored by primitive reflexes which control and motor this development as it changes, matures and releases at each stage, and even changing as it goes through the passage of the birth canal. Upon the first breath into the world, the quintessential Moro (startle) reflex is the first you are likely to witness when the baby is pulled from either the abdomen (via a caesarian delivery) or from the vagina.

As the baby passes each milestone of developmental movement, clearing and making pathways in the brain with every action and reaction, these infant reflexes become matured and released into postural reflexes, finally maturing into the individual’s central nervous system’s everyday reactions to the world in which they exist.

We are a product of our lineage, whatever that means for you and your evolvement; a product of the time and place in which we grew up, along with that of our developmental movement. We are bound by our parents’ nervous systems at the time of conception and pregnancy, as well as delivery and beyond.

The Australian Bush Flower essence, Boab, was collected from the prison tree at Derby. The tree trunk was hollowed out and the Aboriginal prisoners were locked inside it. The key healing vibration of the Boab Tree flower is to release us from negative family patterns and karmic patterns.

It is quite common for the younger Boab Trees to form a circular pattern around the parent. The smaller trees are then engulfed by and merge into the older trees, denoting family enmeshment.

Personal experiences
The energy of the Boab Tree (Adansonia Gibbosa) came in at the conclusion of my own Father-line karmic pattern studies, a journey through EGGPLANT. Adansonia Gibbosa imparted a keynote of, “Suffer little children, come unto me”.

I was a bit slow to start taking the essence, therefore a series of gentle lessons were given.

1. Old Karmic Links
On a trip to the hairdresser, I decided a quick pedicure for my “beached” feet was in order. What ensued was tantamount to having my toenails extracted; it felt like torture. The lesson was that the Boab Tree will neutralize all dark lines of energy that connect to me and anyone I come into contact with, including my karmic link with this beautician. With so much to do in this current life, we do not have the time or energy to backtrack and, therefore, the neutralizing of these old lines of energy is a freeing gift from Adansonia Gibbosa.

2. Old Family Diseases
Giving the essence to one of my children raised and cleared a very unusual condition from the Mother-line with very visible results.

3. Old Karmic Patterns
The Boab Tree has brought out some surprising personalities in my children and released them. I especially enjoyed the week of bawdy Highwayman songs with associated brandishing of sword and gun.

4. Release of Karmic Spectrum Issue
In my experience, it has become abundantly obvious that a mother who has a constantly activated Moro “Fight or Flight” reflex will have a child with an “issue”, however that manifests.

Through my studies and research, it has become apparent to me that many children on the Spectrum have a parent who is to a certain extent also on the Spectrum or who have a constant activated Fight/Flight Reflex (Moro reflex).

Adansonia Gibbosa directed the need for both Boab and Bush Fushia essences where infant reflexes needed to be integrated, as the Boab works on the genetic familial line and the Bush Fushia on the integration of the Left and Right Brain and on the maturing of infant (primitive) reflexes which, in my 5 years of studying alternative therapies for Aspergers and ADHD, I have found to be pivotal[1] in the optimal functioning of children and adults.

The final lesson was writ large for me and I thank the family sincerely. I was astonished by the energy within a home for a social gathering and was at quite a loss to understand why it should be so. The energy was incongruous to the family scene. The mother then highlighted her concern for her child who was a lovely child, however very disconnected and vague and both her and her partner were very concerned about the child and his development. I asked about the birth and early childhood and apart from a divorce which would have been very challenging in itself, there seemed no difference pre- or post-divorce, from her understanding. Later, it came to light the mother had been involved in a large terrorist bombing many years back.

The mother mentioned their pilgrimage every year to the place and her uncertainty about returning again, as it would be the 11th year. It was obvious that the fear paralysis reflex had been activated during such a time of extreme stress and as her child developed a few years later in utero, the child had plugged into the mother’s nervous system to develop his baseline and had plugged into this fear paralysis, which to me would indicate the resultant disconnected nature.

I left with the overwhelming understanding of each of us needing to spend less time physically mothering and more time mothering the energy we exist in – the lines of energy we need to evolve ourselves from in place, space and time – a very indigenous cosmology. It was highlighted to me that a nurse recently came back from the maternity unit at Alice Springs Hospital and shared with her pregnant daughter her dismay at the lack of hope and joy within the unit. Joy is a birth right; if .

If we could understand that mothering of our own energenetic residues needs to begin before conception occurs, we can change the environment we exist in and the children coming in will be able to open up instead of potentially closing down into disorder.

During the flowering of the Boab Tree in northern WA, many pregnant Aboriginal women are given the flowers that they then take into the bush and use to line a hole in the ground. The women give birth alone, squatting over the hole and letting their baby drop into the earth, cradled in the Boab flowers.

This birth does sound like a cleansing ritual.


This piece was written with Susie in heart and mind.

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[1] The balancing of the audio/visual/vestibular system is also essential for all.


The book for the Bush Flower essence Boab is “Bush Flower Healing” by Ian White.

The book for Bush Flower essence Boab and Bush Fuchsia is “Happy Healthy Children” by Ian White.

You can buy the source Bush Flower essences at many health stores.
The website for Australian Bush Flower Essences is

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