At Peace Space, this Animal sits with mandala #79 “Veil of Volume”, C&P Mandala of 7th Square

Chicken ~ (hen & rooster)

79.Chicken logoThe Chicken has a long history of symbolism that holds important spiritual significance that is important to many cultures, tribes and religions around the globe. Similarly, the story of how these birds were integrated into the different countries is also a wonderful read to add to your understanding of the Chicken totem. From early Grecian, tribal and Christian times Chicken has brought inspiration to understanding such things as fertility, sexuality, sacrifice, resurrection, curiosity, individuality and community. Chicken as a spiritual totem also brings many realisations and messages for understanding energy exchanges on your spiritual journey. The male’s (Rooster) fertilisation of the female (Hen) was seen to be a somewhat sacrificial mystery of sexuality as it occurred outside the body—to impregnate the female egg the male ejaculates outside the body, hence, this was seen as sacrificing the male egg—while the female’s egg-laying ability has long been associated with fertility and, on a daily basis, is seen as bringing New Life into the world. Meanwhile, they also make the great sacrifice of giving up their lives so that humans and other animals, both domesticated and wild, may be sustained and nourished. These humble birds are, therefore, asking those of you on spiritual and energetic pathways to acknowledge the responsibility you have towards understanding not only the brevity but the oneness of Life and Death, and Death into Life again. Chicken energy is asking you to look further and deeper into the exchanges required for this transposing of energies during a Passover.

When you recognise the presence of Chicken as messenger for you, you are being given a nod to pay attention at this time to behaviours of which you may not be fully aware. Or it may be that you are being asked to be curious about finding out more than what you might think you already know. Chicken energy will point out to you the need to scratch around further and seek out more information of the bigger picture to become fully aware of the responsibilities for the individual and group energy healing to be done for the sake of the Earth. Chickens are teachers from the Bird Kingdom, curious and sensitive to all that goes on around them. They belong to the elements of Air (Thoughts) and Earth (Grounding), which put credence to the term ‘Earth Angels’ when mentioning Chicken. The sheer numbers of chickens on Earth at any one time calls in the largess of this huge group/individual soul energy working to bring you guidance at this time. It may remind you of the phrase “all your chickens have come home to roost” so pray and pay attention to ready yourself for taking action!

There are billions of chickens on Earth, numbering more than six times the world’s human population at any one time. Per year, around the world more than 50 billion chickens are reared for their meat and eggs, making the Chicken the most populous of bird species. The Ancestors of the domesticated chicken were the Wild Red Jungle Fowl of India (gallus,gallus domesticus) and their populations today are widespread throughout the world. In humanity’s efforts to provide food and nourishment for the world’s populations, today 75% of fowl numbers exist in intensive farming production situations while the other 25% are produced in free-range environments. These quantities, so massive in their volume, highlight the enormous responsibility of the chicken to serve humanity and work for Earth healing. The caged battery hens, plugged into humanity’s physical-reality needs, could be viewed as Earth-bound in their duties, although they are still living out their experience as spiritual beings in service to the All. Whilst the free-rangers may appear to more signify the free-spirited Light worker energy, Passover is for All and neither is more nor less encumbered—those who are Light workers or those who do not aspire to pursue their spiritual pathway—regardless of their circumstances. The caged bird mentality—and emotional fears surrounding death—may further be considered as a reflection on your need for or leaning on, and the issues therein, group mentalities of humanity.

There is a profundity in their vast numbers and in the progression of how humans have harnessed the sacrifice and mass slaughter of this animal for their purposes. As these birds humbly and continually give up their lives, seen as expendable and so easily replaced/replenished, a gracious gift is offered up. Chickens are sending a huge message to all of Humanity to not lose sight of the fact that all life is on a continuum and that it keeps going on, living and dying, something humanity often chooses to ignore and/or abhor! Theirs is a loud resounding call to you to not only find but to live your soul’s purpose while you’re here.

So when Chicken energy presents to you it is wise to pay attention, for those of you who identify with being ‘free-range’ along with other like-minded Light workers are being called on by the Masters of the Council of the Inner Temple to take up your positions and get ready for Passover via the Peace Space Clearing & Protection process. This heralds a time for you now to step up and fear not the sacrifice of your Soul’s purpose. Awaiting your service are the many groups who, like the battery hens, are Earth-bound and caught in their cages of fear, warring want, need, greed and lost time. The angels of the Chicken Kingdom will call and warn you when the Masters of a particular group, nation or culture call that now is the time for you to gather and go about the permitted, ordained work of facilitating a Passover, thereby opening the Earth Veil into the vast Universal Mind to clear, protect and heal nations, cultures and similar group-conscious energies as well as for those individuals who are passing into death and birthing into life.

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