Temple_C&PAn increasing number of people throughout the world and from all backgrounds now acknowledge their inter-connectedness with all that exists upon Earth. Because of the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual imbalances they experience in their own lives they recognise a reflection of the hurt that the Earth herself is experiencing. Whoever, wherever and however they may be, they sense a deep, spiritual calling to assist in the healing of the planet by means of the way they live their lives.

Sept. (TBA) 2015 Dandenong Ranges C&P expression of interest invitation (download pdf)


To this end, PURPOSE—PROTECTION—PEACE—PRAYER is addressed to those sensitives and intuitives who have recognised
• the relevance of energy to the physical reality of the Earth’s plane of existence,
• their engagement with many types of energy throughout the course of each day of their lives,
• their need for a system of understanding what these energies are and where they come from, and
• their need for a technique for managing and/or transposing those energies in ways that will contribute to permanent healing and betterment for themselves and the Earth.
While recognising that “no one way is the only way ~ no one’s way is the only way”, PURPOSE-PROTECTION-PEACE-PRAYER provides just such a system and just such a technique.

The damage done to the protective nature of the Astral Realm by ill-positioned energies can be likened to the damage done by pollutants in recent years to the Earth’s protective ozone layer. Whether on a personal, interpersonal or global level, the energy work involved in helping to transpose this Earth-hurt will demand a sensitive and stable mental state as well as a great deal of spiritual strength and stamina. You will be required to learn
• responsible and safe intuitive travel for the purposes of healing yourself and others,
• discernment of ill-positioned energies, and
• a method of respectfully transposing those ill-positioned energies.
Formerly assigned to those of the Angelic realms, such healing work is now to be your work. That is, you are to become the “Earth Angels” who will anchor the life-enhancing energy into the Earth plane and carry those who are worried and weary onward, into the arms of their highest Healers.

For you to do this work you will need to become ever more mindful of your connection to your spiritual Source, however you name this. The Guidance held within this Manual’s pages of Mandalas and meditations will assist you steadily to become more “energetically able-bodied”.

Classes teaching the Peace Space PURPOSE-PROTECTION-PEACE-PRAYER Clearing & Protection method are held periodically throughout the year. Please contact us for the next class dates.