Colour indicates the presence of Light and exists independently of human perception. Its purpose is that of helping to bring energy into form.

Colour is perceived by all your senses (not just your sight). Your perception of colour will vary according to levels of light and energy (your own and in your environment) and these variations will be unique to you.

Using colour is a sure way of getting in touch with your own ever-changing and ever-evolving perceptions. It is a medium that can bring your own (and others’) energetic existence into a form that your physical perception can easily recognise.

For you to become aware of your true self so that you can access the “blueprint” of what you are here to do with your life, you will have to travel through the nebulous regions of your unconscious and subconscious minds where reality can be invisible, appear larger than life, or be otherwise distorted.  Confidently accessing your extra-sensory perceptions is what will ensure your safe travel through these regions.

Colour is something that will assist your evolvement as one who lives in the awareness of energy because it can provide you with a harmonious map as you travel from the greyness of physical existence to a platform, or plane, where you can begin to appreciate and understand the experiences of your lives from the broader perspective of Energy.


Colour Healing

WaterlillyColour Healing is a means by which you can

  • repair the perceptions of your brain; 
  • realign them with the etheric pattern of the greater energetic field of universal life (which is their natural, correct state); and 
  • maintain that realignment in a fluidic and flexible way

so that your consciousness can continue to grow and expand to encompass greater and further truth.

Colour Healing uses the ability of each colour and its various densities to direct Source energy to a specific healing need.  In this manner, Colour Healing is able to remove whatever blocks the energy of your etheric system’s healthy functioning, align your consciousness with a more positive, more natural and, therefore, better perception, and thus open the way for you to access your spiritual gifts and abilities more readily.  In as much as you can do this for yourself, you can do this for others when so permitted.

Hues of Heartfelt Healing & Coloured Care

The rainbow sequence of the Peace Space Prism of Colour Healing is something that can psychologically stabilise and securely unite the various states of your consciousness.  By becoming more aware of the colours of your world, and more at one with them, you will be able to have a closer communion with the world you live in and be granted greater insight and understanding of your experiences within this world—and of the worlds within yourself.

Each Colour Ray study is a maximum 2-hour intensive tutorial.

For bookings or enquiries, please contact us or visit the Tutorial page for further information.