Whilst Colour Ray studies are first and foremost a personal walk through your own mode to healing, you may prefer the added support and encouragement of a Peace Space mentor. For those new to Peace Space Colour work or wishing to deepen/familiarise with their understanding of this energy work, we offer (on request) one-to-one distance learning tutorials on the 13 Colour Rays. Distance learning tutorials are conducted via a ‘webinar’ style interface.

Tutorials in each of the 13 Colour Rays generally work well when arranged to be taken in two one-hour blocks (3-7 days apart) to allow for reading/study/integration time and will principally cover:

• An overview of the structure of the manual
• A walk-through of the beginning pages
• A supportive guide to get you started with the understanding of the Colour you are studying
• Opportunity in the second half for sharing experiences or asking questions relating to the Colour being studied should the need arise

Please bring writing materials to each tutorial. Duration of the above tutorials is 1.5 – 2 hours—typically running on a weekday from 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m Aust. E.S.T.

Energy Exchange: ~ $175 per Colour Ray (inclusive of manual and 2-hr block of distance tutorial support, does not include other support tools – the stone essence of each Colour Ray may be purchased separately)

Please email us for bookings & further information.



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