This story is about the nature of Jen K’s developing relationship with a Faery Being, “Mrs. Marshall”, who is anything but a “wingy thingy”. Mrs. Marshall is a member of a Faery group called the Turquoise Community which began to make its presence felt, some ten or so years ago, as Peace Space began to engage with MINT energy for the first time. After the Peace Space presentation of MINT, the Turquoise Community continued to engage with Jen, different members gradually introducing themselves into her awareness from time to time. Initially Jen had little idea as to what the Community’s bigger purpose may be other than assisting Peace Space in some way.

Here is an excerpt of Jen’s journal entry, “Mrs Marshall and the Death of the Old”, from the Masters’ APPLE manual:

APPLE mandala 222Masters’ APPLE mandala #222

“As an Elder, you will have to learn to know when not to heal,” she said. “You have to respect the Death pattern, especially the entry to the Death Pattern, for this belongs to the Free Spirit. Both Death and Life belong to the Free Spirit—but so, too, does the Afterlife. For anyone to go into the Afterlife as a Free Spirit, they will have to manage the processes of all three—Death, the Afterlife and the reality of New Life—together with all the trappings of the whole of Life Itself.”

I wondered if what she was saying related to my Egyptian incarnation and asked if this “management” that I now had to learn was what I had learned in that past life. Mrs. Marshall agreed that it was. I felt immediately confirmed and that, from now on, I would have to respect the energy of that incarnation by drawing from its giftedness.

Using the PURPLE Mandala which was still hovering around, Mrs. Marshall showed me how I was to begin to move into a different phase of my life. The Mandala clearly marks the five stages of active physical life:

0-10 years –childhood – Magenta
10-20 years – youth – Turquoise
20-40 years – early adulthood – Amber
40-60 years – middle age – Purple
60-80 years – eldership – Master+

The period of between 80 and 100 years of age, being one of relative physical inactivity and associated with sage-hood and the not-quite-death of ZERO, is positioned at the “hub” or central pentagon of the five-pointed Star.

PURPLE mandala 66

She showed me that while youth prepares (or “plumes”) itself for the most physically productive years of life, I was to begin to “lose the plume of the physical”. This, she said, would allow me to prepare for living in the existence beyond death so that the Free Will of my spirit could remain forever young.

As Mrs. Marshall spoke, I had a sense of resurrection within me. At first I thought this was just because I had been relieved of a huge sense of responsibility and at last had some space around me, but then I found myself proclaiming, as if it were a revelation, “This is what I am going to be doing until the day I die.” I recalled that I had recently noted how often people around my age were saying things like, “this car should see me out,” or “this should be the last ‘fridge I’ll have to buy”. Here was I, doing the same by preparing to set myself up for living until the day I died!

Mrs. Marshall told me how hard it is for those in their prime, productive years—which has to be a state of puffed up, self-important fulfilment—to stand in enlightenment. This, by its very nature, is stripped bare of every accomplishment.

It was then that Mrs. Marshall addressed the issue of the trees we had cut down. She said that just as the trees had had to come down, my job as a healer would now involve pruning away patterns of overgrowth—the word she used was actually “tumours”—but only when the patterns have really become redundant. She said I should remember that Death is always about being fulfilled, and that rebirth is always about seeking enlightenment. By my giving spiritual sustenance to those I am working with so that they can willingly go through such a death pattern, they will be able to relinquish their drive towards further fulfilment and begin to experience enlightenment. Thus, Mrs. Marshall showed me how my new job will be as much about the Afterlife as my incarnation in Egypt had been—helping others to continue on into newer existence.