Energenetic Healing is concerned with freeing you from energetic genetic influences that have adversely affected your life until now. The study provides you with better understanding of these energetic genetic influences so that you will be able to go deeper into your core and expand your energetic pattern further out into the world.

The purpose of Peace Space’s Energenetic Healing Process, then, is to provide a method of assisting you to release from within your etheric pattern (when and if so permitted by your living contract) those genetically influenced perceptions and pathways which have become redundant, so that you may then be able to create new perceptions and pathways which more accurately accord with your soul’s contract.

This Healing Process focuses on the energenetic strands within your human etheric pattern. These energenetic strands influence your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels (or P.E.M.S. – these are addressed in Peace Space’s study of the 13 Colour Rays and C&P). These strands are to be found within the energenetic gene pools of your mother and father, of your original tribes (which continue to influence your communities), of the collective consciousness of the cultures you are connected to and of other universal influences.

A series of three manuals (Energenetics I, II and III) helps to interpret the Healing Process so that you will be better equipped to take responsibility for this Healing Process yourself. Energenetics 1-3 will focus on clearing the redundant, historical, biological, self-destructive energies from your DNA.

1.Cover Energenetics 1 notext Energenetic Healing 1 offers Spiritual Family Lore Healing, which is the first level of Energenetic Healing. This addresses issues relating to the energies associated with your paternal and maternal lineages.
Energenetic Healing 2 offers Viral Vacuuming and Viral Verification (the second level of Energenetic Healing). This broadly addresses the energies associated with human viral susceptibility. EnGen2
EnGen3 Energenetic Healing 3 offers you a further level of healing. It is concerned with bringing you out of the astral levels of the Earth walk of your ancestral past, that is, the biological and cultural belief patterns of your physical journey that have led to your perceptions being what they are.

Those who wish to further their study and healing in this area may then move on to Etheric Transfusion, which will align you to the ascendant energy of the New World by creating new cellular and chromosomal influences in your DNA. We hope that you will then wish to assist others to access this information so that they, too, may make it their own, for use and integration in their own lives and, in turn, help others.