The AMBER-LIME Key is created by a process the individual follows during AMBER Healing, found within Peace Space Energenetics (in Volume/Manual No. 3 of 4). This Key will heal those intrusions that link you into astral residues. It will sever the threads that tend to pull you back into the past. This AMBER-LIME Key of the AMBER Energenetic Symbols will…

  • remind you to not be abusive with your power;
  • protect your purpose, empowerment and potential from incorrect Energenetic influences;
  • restore your back chakras from incorrect Energenetic influences.


Amber-Lime Key

This Energenetic Symbol is the “AMBER-LIME Key”. It is the cleansed and protected gift of healing and belongs to whomever receives the healing, remaining with them to help them hold onto their self-respect and potential. This is the new, now, natural, neutral Key that will access your gifts and abilities for the future.

‘Energenetics': What is it? Click here to learn more.

By using the AMBER Keyhole on a regular basis, you can cleanse yourself from ancestral astral deposits and release yourself from their influence upon the life you are to live in the future.

Because of this gift of healing, you now have the onus of using this Key to consistently clear and cleanse your astral levels. This will keep you safe from past astral intrusion so that your sensitive 6th sense (ESP and super-sensory aspects of awareness) can be more fully and fluently respected and utilised. If you find it difficult to use this Key, you will have to seek intuitive insight as to how to initiate yourself into accessing your potential by finding a method of clearing and cleansing that helps you walk forward.

If you still see that past unsuitable initiation patterns are interfering with your healing, you may need to singe and release the threads of those initiation experiences with torchlight YELLOW (Colour Ray). If you continue to honour those past incarnation patterns and walk with them, you may need to study the methods belonging to that particular incarnation, for such methods may be part of assisting influences from a planet, a culture, a group spiritual learning, &c., or may come from Nature herself.*


AMBER Healing brings unrealised potential into the Now. However, this unrealised potential can only be surfaced if the work is done by someone who has a strong level of emotional mastery. Even more important than the Healer’s emotional mastery (in bringing through the Receiver’s unrealised potential) is the Healer’s ability to encourage in the Receiver the ability to stand in a strong level of emotional stability! And if in doubt yourself, rereading the TURQUOISE and ORANGE Colour Ray Manuals will assist to give more structure to your own emotional mastery as a healer.

You should not attempt to use AMBER Energenetic Healing as a treatment for yourself or others unless you have first studied, understood and experienced the Energenetic Healing of your own Spiritual Family Lore pattern, and the Viral Vacuuming Procedure/Viral Verification Process. Full participation in the Energenetic Healing study (manuals 1, 2 and 3) will have given you this required healing.


* Please refer to Mandala No. 49, Transition of the Initiate here.