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Facing your Dark Master & Lifting the Veil on Your Evil so as to Live by Spiritual Lore
EGGPLANT is the Masters’ Colour that will assist you to master your life experiences which, currently, you experience as living Hell. In order to do this, EGGPLANT will accompany you through the halls and hidden byways of your personal Hell where it will acquaint you ever more minutely with the extent of the “evil” you hoard and harbour there. It will reveal to you how intimately your evil is related to the extent of evil that spreads throughout the length and breadth of humanity’s existence.

In this, EGGPLANT is the Great Leveller that ensures you understand how you—and all humanity—have created the Hell on Earth which you have come to rely upon as your convenient “garbage-bin” in order to distance yourself from your evil and have others be responsible for its removal. EGGPLANT forces you to become increasingly aware of the “garbage” you generate and of what effect it has on you and your environment.

EGGPLANT is not Hell; rather, it is the infinite moment that holds your evil and eternally awaits your awakening.

EGGPLANT, in fact, will be your last opportunity to do something about bringing the Light to your dark Shadow. In case you think that you already emit that Light, or are that Light, you should remember that the brighter you shine, the darker your own shadow becomes, so it is well to know what lies deep within you!

As you employ EGGPLANT energy, please remember that the extent to which you like to think you show Light to the world is the extent of your own inner darkness and, conversely, the more deeply you are aware of your own darkness, the more brilliantly your Light will be able to shine.

Understanding and using EGGPLANT is the first step in the process of Etheric Transfusion. Be aware, therefore, that EGGPLANT energy (however you name it), with all it demands of you, is absolutely essential to your spiritual Ascension.

On the Temple Mandala representing your psycho-spiritual perceptions, the Master’s Colour EGGPLANT covers Mandala No’s. 18, 14, 13, 12 and 8 (found in the 1-65 Peace Space mode to healing). Meditating with these Mandalas will assist you to understand EGGPLANT energy at greater depth and to incorporate it into your etheric patterning as you live your daily life experiences.


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For those wishing to undertake Masters’ EGGPLANT study, remembering this may be done any time during the year – and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates – please email us. To purchase a copy of Masters’ EGGPLANT manual, please head to the online Shop.