MASTER + mandala

MASTER+ (“Master Plus”) is an expression of the organic, eternal movement of growth that effects continual change throughout the Universe. This creative movement originates from Source and so may be termed “God Force Energy”.

MASTER+ is the director of your life’s meaning and demands that you think before you act and react so that you can redirect the energy of all your self-focused desires outwards, towards the true “magic-making” that services the needs of others. Thus, MASTER+ is what guards and governs the blueprint of your life and guides your Soul towards fulfilling its true purpose.

MASTER+ learning requires your using your energy in a disciplined way and relating to every one of your experiences as energetic opportunities for spiritual growth. This is because every one of your life experiences—not only those you think of as “big”, but also those which you consider to be so “small” as to be beneath your notice—is a MASTER+ experience with the potential for an Axis Shift in your perceptions to occur.

The learning given in the  MASTER+ manual explains what all the changing and growing you have been going through has been about. Greater conscious understanding of the Earth’s Axis Shift will help you align yourself more readily with it so you can maintain the pattern of your own personal Axis Shift, which (because you are of the Earth) parallels the Earth’s.

Supports for MASTER+ :
Angel ~ Archangel Raphael
Stone ~ Merkaba
Oil ~ Vanilla
Plant Ally ~ Flower Plants
Animal Allies ~ Salmon, Atlantic Salmon 
Tarot ~ Aces
Labyrinth ~ Mythology & Meaning for MASTER+


2015 Study Date: Friday 21st August

The Reality of Space in Time
and the Realm of Energy into Matter

MASTER+ energy is:
The ‘tuning fork’
• The call to finish what you have started
• Creating your Awakening Intuitive Brain

ALL MASTERS temple with new world& masters' colours mandala& awakened brain

For those wishing to undertake MASTER+ study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.

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