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Educational Mediumship &
Boundaries to the Realms and Realities
Universal Mind 


MINT is the colour of Universal Energy when it is at its closest to becoming matter. MINT is the colour of the Energy of the Atmosphere of Peace that is Universal Mind. If you are to enter this Atmosphere, you yourself will therefore have to create great peace-of-mind—for yourself and others. In order to do this, you should visualize your role in the energetic pattern of existence as if you were the morning mist—without boundaries. This is the energy you are to “precipitate” into the world at large because this is what makes energy become form.

MINT is an extension of Turquoise—the physical mastery of your intuition which raises you above your dependence upon the material world for your sense of self. It is very much about peace-of-mind—that is, the peace of the Universal Mind as well as the peace of your own mind. Because of this, MINT will require you to balance your necessary focus on the material world of physicality with your Soul’s calling of focus on your spiritual mission and purpose beyond the material world. This means you will have to realise that you now belong to a different set of principles and their disciplines.

If you are prepared to wait in the expectant silence of your naked soul for the right time to be shown Universal Truth and Knowledge, MINT will teach you about energy and eventually educate you with so great an understanding that you will feel your life to be stable and “well-placed”, whatever your situation may be. MINT is thus able to reveal to you the meaning of Life—what your real Life is meant for—and help you understand that, no matter how “bad” things seem, “this too shall pass”.

MASTERS’ MINT 111 offers the opportunity
create the Climate for Change

It will be useful for you to remember that

  • CLIMATE is akin to “CHARACTER” and is related to the element of EARTH
  • TEMPERATURE is akin to “TEMPERAMENT” and is related to the element of FIRE
  • HUMIDITY is akin to “BEHAVIOUR” and is related to the element of WATER
  • ATMOSPHERE is akin to “ATTITUDE” and is related to the element of AIR

Supports for Masters’ MINT:
Angel ~ Zadkiel
Stone ~ Apophyllite
Essential Oil ~ Spearmint
Plant ~ Juniper
Animal ~ Whale
Planet ~ Jupiter
Tarot ~ Hierophant

2014 Study Date: Friday 19th September

The Ray of the Universal Mind
The Dimensional States
of Its Realms & Realities
Educational Mediumship

For those wishing to undertake Masters’ MINT study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.


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