Masters' ZERO mandala



Reality of Universal Mind
Ray of Wisdom
Way of the Wizard Realm of
Original Raw Energy, No-thing, Innocence,
Unity and Equilibrium

The Humane Experience of Unwelling, Dematerialisation,
the No Man’s Land of Pure Thought 

I am leaving you in charge because I trust your Divine Intent. The sort of work that I have done will be done by you.
Indeed, you will do even greater things than I have ever done.

from John’s original story, Chapter 14, verse 12


There is much Light above and around you, shining for the Earth and willing you to be fully alive and believe in the freedom of your spirit.



Give yourselves more space in time to go into your own experiences and discover the “why” of them. 
ZERO is the positive, constructive gift which any form of separation can give you— bereavement, changing house, fasting, illness, etc. ZERO creates an opening in your etheric pattern so that healing can enter and be effective. It gives you absolute space in time—the space in between the gridlines of any structural framework—to empty out whatever it was that you needed to complete so that you can change and spiritually grow anew. For instance, when you get caught up in that manipulative “love” which ROSE so clearly shows you, ZERO will give you the space to disentangle yourself from the subsequent enmeshment and mess.

The ZERO experience can feel weird. When you are in a ZERO experience you have a sense of total emptiness. You will feel ignorant about everything and as if you are nothing more than an insignificant morsel of humanity. You may even feel that, in most respects, your feelings and senses are deadened, or that, to all intents and purposes, you are dead. When you are in ZERO, it can seem as if there is a non-physicality about your existence: you know your situation, but you find that others do not listen to you (let alone hear you), or see you (let alone acknowledge your experience. (You can feel as if you are banging your head against a brick wall!)

Feeling this way could cause you to shut down from the vast, new, able existence that this pure, new Energy will give you. However, it is only your physical existence that is experiencing all these impacts, so the very best assistance you can give to your physical being is to be as physical as possible!

you may also be feeling some impatience at the repetitiveness of ZERO. It is your Ego’s impatience that says, “I’ve heard this a hundred times, now. Can’t we move on to something more engaging?” But this repetitiveness is only ZERO reminding you to evolve. ZERO requires you to wait until your lessons have been integrated into your physical living as Wisdom—something that is far slower to achieve than is your Ego’s accumulation of Knowledge!

Masters’ ZERO
2015 Study Date: Friday 13th March

The Ray of Wisdom
Reality of Universal Mind

Masters’ ZERO energy is:
• The Way of the Wizard
• Realm of Original Raw Energy, No-thing, Innocence, Unity and Equilibrium
• The Humane Experience of Unwelling, Dematerialisation & the No Man’s Land of Pure Thought

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For those wishing to undertake Masters’ ZERO study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.