The Mental Plane, the Logical Mind & Mindfulness

YELLOW mandala 137


YELLOW and what you do with your mind.
All creation begins with thought. Having used Blue Ray to build your “bridge” towards the creation of a better “future” for the world, you are now offered assistance with your first practical steps in beginning to create that future. As the Ray of the mental plane, of your nervous system and of your logical mind, YELLOW governs what you do with your reasoning, logical mind and addresses your mind’s thought patterns and thinking processes.

You will find that your daily physical walk is hard work if your mind does not pursue its purposive role of spiritually striving for the highest and most positive realms you can conceive of. The more you seek your true spiritual stance and work with Light (e.g., clearing and protecting frequently and practising mindfulness), the more of a spiritually minded “energy being” you will become.

For anyone joining us in this study – and also for those who are becoming ever more in-tune with and aware of the energies about them – you may begin to notice the influence of YELLOW Ray energy in the coming week.

As the energy of this Colour comes into focus this week you may also wish to ask yourself, what is the state of my own psyche at this time?

BALANCED STATE OF THE PSYCHE“I can take constructive steps to make things more to my liking through reasonable, intelligent and constructive thought processing.”
DEFICIENT STATE OF THE PSYCHE“I need to depend on someone stronger than myself.” – blind faith.
EXCESSIVE STATE OF THE PSYCHE “I am an individual and am unaffected by being isolated from others.”
FEAR STATE fear of involvement/separation – non-identity


With this Colour Ray study, you will have further understanding of:

Honesty – YELLOW is able to help you dispel your illusions and irrational perceptions so that no longer will you feel you have to rely on exaggerated, self-aggrandised, or downright false assertions.
Philosophy and Assimilating Wisdom – YELLOW Ray will help your Soul’s Inner Sight discern what you need to provide real spiritual security for yourself in the situation you are in.
The Ray of Insight and Realising What Your New Truth Is – YELLOW keeps you standing strong in your will and alone in your own individual truth rather than in what you perceive to be truth because it comes from another whose insight you deem more highly than you do your own.
Mind Travel & Ascention: Searching and Scanning for Signs from your Soul – bringing your will and strength into the evolutionary movement of Ascension.


YELLOW mandala 124


For those wishing to undertake YELLOW Ray study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study dates, please email us.