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Diagnosing by Searching the Deep Truths of the Mysteries 

INDIGO—the Ray of Divine Intent—is the colour that will most align you with the Divine Will as you seek the Truth of its Mysteries to discover your Divine Intent.

INDIGO governs your abstract mind. Its energy is the true leadership of spiritual authority.

INDIGO can show you how to govern your life with truth. It will show you how you can truly lead—not from any self-appointed ego-position, but from an unassuming and unswerving devotion to the authority of the Divine Will.

INDIGO is acutely one-pointed; its energy has great depth, determination and independence. It has a drive to motivate your seeking mind to unravel the truths of the Mysteries. While INDIGO is very dependable, it is also quick so you should always temper it with discernment according to the need at hand.

The colour of investigation, definition and direction, INDIGO defines the blueprint of your spiritual agreement for your present life and reveals that your life experiences are not only divinely ordained but also accord with the depth of your Soul’s dedication to the Divine Will. Thus, INDIGO is your pathfinder. It will magnify what you are trying to discern and help you to understand the minutiae of a situation so that you can make an accurate diagnosis of it and know what to do about it.

Some of the symptoms of incorrectly aspected INDIGO include:

  • misdirection (or loss of spiritual direction),
  • obsessive over-drive (“No matter what, I have to do this!”),
  • self-important dramatics,
  • harsh or demanding use of authority—e.g., preaching, or ordering from an “I’m right” position,
  • “empire-building”, “head-hunting”, or “body-snatching” instead of allowing the Divine Will to direct movement,
  • never having enough answers, so not taking responsibility for what you do know.

With this Colour Ray study, you will have further understanding of:

Reaching for the Stars and penetrating Darkness: You should know that, once you have opened to the Mysteries, there is no returning to a state of unknowing;
INDIGO—the Teacher: INDIGO’s lessons involve self-discipline and this great instructor always desires to move you past your blockages so that you can help others;
Well- and ill-aspected INDIGO, whose ultimate purpose is that good be done for the sake of the Universe and so it expects you to do “good deeds” in the spirit of humble service;
INDIGO and the “Bigger Picture”;
INDIGO—the Diagnostician and Director of your Divine Quest: As both mirror and reflector, it acts as a magnifying glass, which magnifies polar opposites so that you can distinguish between logic and illusion. It also deflects whatever is deluding you.



2014 Study Date: Friday 10th October

Ray of the Abstract Mind

The Perceptional State
Deeper Understanding & Resolution towards
Spiritual Involvement

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Your Colour Healing Journey
It is generally understood that the purpose of the spiritual journey is less the destination than it is the experience of travelling.  While this is true of this Colour journey, its purpose extends beyond “spiritual acquisitiveness” in all its forms and leads the committed traveller into healing realms and ever expanding awareness for the sake of serving dimensional life previously unknown and unimagined.

For those wishing to undertake INDIGO Ray study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.