When you need the support of the lighted candle…


Please send an email to lightacandle@peacespace.com.au with the subject heading, “Please Light a Candle”. Your request will be activated with an anonymous email to all Peace Space participants in trust that candles will be lit for you.

No further words of explanation or a reason for your request are needed. Nor do you have to say for whom the candle is required, even if it is for yourself. This way, the purity of intent for your lighted candle remains clear and purposeful for the transporting of healing light to the intended recipient.


If you wish to be included in the Light A Candle community, in order that you may join in lighting a candle in unity with others (for others), please simply send an email to lightacandle@peacespace.com.au asking for your address to be added – you needn’t provide your name, all we need is an email address.


Thank You for caring.