LIME RAY – Friday 31st October, 2014

The Ray of
Extra-sensory Perception

Using your ESP
for the
Soul Purpose
Evaluating Experiences
Spiritual Elevation & Expansion

Lime mandala 125

ANGEL ~ Adnachiel
STONES ~ Variscite, Chrysoprase, Chrysocolla, Selenite, Topaz, Serpentine, Moss Agate, Petalite
ANIMALS ~ Seal (female), Seahorse (male), Grey Shrike-Thrush, Giant Panda, Green Tree Kangaroo, Green Anole
ESSENTIAL OIL ~ Lemongrass
TAROT ~ Strength


BALANCED STATE OF THE PSYCHE~ “I have the ability to control myself in all situations in my life.”
EXCESSIVE STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ “I’m right no matter what the facts are.”
FEAR STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ Fear of moving.


LIME is the cleansing Master Colour of Springtime regeneration.  It is eminently able to dislodge, lift and shift deep-seated stagnation, toxic accumulations and accretions of every kind.  LIME Ray, which governs your Extra Sensory Perceptions, illuminates the nature of all your understandings, thoughts and actions in the Now so that you can master all the energies you use and align them with Source.  By putting you to work practically and positively with your ESP (instead of allowing you to use your psychic gifts negatively) LIME becomes the classroom of your esoteric learning.


For those wishing to undertake LIME Ray study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.

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