MAGENTA RAY – Friday 14th August, 2015

Ray of Your Will
Unconditionally Accept and 
All Universal Life-Forms

Within A Circumspective & Continuous Cycle Of Care


ANGEL ~ Uriel
STONES ~ Smithsonite, Rhodonite, Apophyllite, Granite, Rose Quartz, Coal, Cobaltion Calcite, Herkimer Diamond
PLANT ~ Cyclamen, Peony
ESSENTIAL Oil ~ Geranium
ANIMALS ~ Condor, Brushtail Possum, Galah, Rat, Goose
TAROT ~ High Priestess

BALANCED STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ “I take care of my own needs in order to take care of others.”
DEFICIENT STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ “Things are not how I want them to be.”
EXCESSIVE STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ “I expect conflict in my life.”
FEAR STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ Fear of death, or of birth

MAGENTA is the Mother of Colour of all your psycho-spiritual experiences, who sees to it that you meet the responsibility you committed yourself to within that Bigger Picture.  Her energy is that of the altruistic, humanitarian leader—individual without being individualistic, genuinely maternal, and universal in her embrace. 

For those wishing to undertake MAGENTA Ray study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.

MAGENTA mandala 6 MAGENTA mandala 7 MAGENTA mandala 8 MAGENTA mandala 9 MAGENTA mandala 10 MAGENTA mandala 77 MAGENTA mandala 89


is my mantra
all the good I begin
all the good I know
all the good I grow
I begin
I know
I grow

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