MAGENTA mandala 89
Unconditionally Accepting Universal Love 

Composed of White Light and the Infrared end of the colour spectrum, MAGENTA represents the first step of the level above the physical realm, that is, above your crown chakra and is
• the base colour of all energetics work;
• the colour of Universal Love
• the colour of open time
• the colour of the gateways into realms and realities
• the colour of the concentration and magnification of your experience within time
• the colour of the full cycle of your experience, from its birth to its completion
• the colour of your will to change.

Most importantly, Mother MAGENTA is also the Ascension energy of your Higher Consciousness. Her purpose is to have you become
• more accepting of all your conditions—physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual,
• more contained within your experiences so you can concentrate on and consolidate their inherent lessons for you,
• more considerate of others,
• more cooperative in your interactions with them,
• more committed to caring for and within the Bigger Picture,
• more prepared to create change for the better,
• more actively engaged in changing yourself.

Like every good (though not necessarily “nice”, or conventionally “loving”) Mother, MAGENTA will see to it that you do all of this by presenting you with a multitude of learning experiences from whatever field of activity you have chosen for your life. In assisting you towards loving unconditionally, MAGENTA will assist you to view your experiences from another perspective by giving you the magnifying lens of another’ s perspective. This will open your mind so that you can embrace a much fuller understanding of what Unconditional Love is.

With this Colour Ray study, you will have further understanding of:

Electrical MAGENTA, helping you to begin again by recharging your will with its electrical energy;
How you receive MAGENTA experiences;
Mother MAGENTA and her continuously circumspective cycle of care as she repeatedly encircles your life with experiences that seem to be variations on the theme of “Have you got it yet? Has the penny dropped yet? Did you get it? Did you get it?”;
MAGENTA’s agenda for you;
MAGENTA, the ultimate in disciplined teaching about Life;
Lessons for your spiritual growth.

2015 Study Date: Friday 14th August

Ray of Your Will

Unconditionally Accept and 
All Universal Life-Forms

Within A Circumspective & Continuous Cycle Of Care



Your Colour Healing Journey
It is generally understood that the purpose of the spiritual journey is less the destination than it is the experience of travelling.  While this is true of this Colour journey, its purpose extends beyond “spiritual acquisitiveness” in all its forms and leads the committed traveller into healing realms and ever expanding awareness for the sake of serving dimensional life previously unknown and unimagined.

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