“For a light heart,
a soulful mind
a free spirit … we journey on”

The Peace Space Mode To Healing is based on a series of 145 mandalas and their accompanying meditations. Each of these mandalas is aligned with one of the 1-13 or Masters’ / New World colours, and are interconnected with specific complementary and unification colours.Based on seven Base Mandala Placement patterns – The Seven Base Mandalas – the Peace Space Mode To Healing assists in giving better alignment and a more fluent communication between the etheric pattern and the perceptional aspects of the conscious brain.

Through this aligned connection, this mode to healing can also connect us in consciousness to the Divine Source of our being and help keep us stabilised and supported in our energetic growth and development.

The Peace Space Mode To Healing assists in developing an awareness of – and a responsibility for – the energies we use as well as those energies we encounter so that we are less vulnerable to the consequences of imbalance in
our physical, mental, and emotional systems.

With the support, stability and encouragement of the modalities of colour, shape and stone, your soulful spirit may reflect more openly and peacefully through the nebulous levels of the semi-conscious, subconscious and conscious levels.

Each level of the Peace Space Clearing & Protection is linked to one of these Base Mandala Placements, the patterns of which correspond to and have the ability to help strengthen the seven main aspects (or “levels”) of your etheric brain and its perceptions. More information on the seven Base Mandala Placements may be found in the Clearing & Protection procedure manual, classes on which are available periodically throughout the year when need necessitates.


The etheric pattern (or energy blueprint) of your consciousness is recognised as being an intricate webbing of perceptions. Your physical brain can more accurately align with the higher aspects of your consciousness by accessing the energetic properties of the shapes and colours of the Mandalas.

  • Shape creates a stable form into which to bring your newly aligned perceptions into an active reality.
  • Colour creates movement in your moods so that your consciousness can strive with will and aliveness.

What are Base Mandala Placements?

Each Mandala of the Peace Space mode to healing is a variant of one of seven Base Placements that correspond to the seven main aspects (or “levels”) of your etheric brain and its perceptions.

These seven levels can be more easily understood by likening them to energies often associated with the seven best-known chakras:

  • 1st—you first glimpse that survival depends upon more than physical considerations;
  • 2nd—you recognise your emotionality and this helps you get in touch with your feelings so you can find your place within society and create and maintain healthy relationships;
  • 3rd—associated with your “gut feelings”, the “law of attraction”, your physical energy and your physical empowerment, etc. You begin to realise the effect your thinking has on what you attract into your life.
  • 4th—associated with your heart, aspects of altruism and heart-felt caring. This level allows you to accept support and care from a more spiritual place: you come to accept that you are being mentored by a Higher Force.
  • 5th—associated with how you express yourself into the world, coming from the past for the sake of the future, etc. This is where you acknowledge that your life has spiritual significance and that you are here to make a difference;
  • 6th—when you are of service and responsible to Energy, you come to understand the Mysteries of Life. This is the great gift you are given in return for holding and conserving spiritual energy for the sake of others;
  • 7th—associated with a calling from the Universe to be of service to the Greater Whole. When you become at one and at home with more and wider and other perceptions, you emerge from believing that “one’s man’s truth is another man’s poison and learn how to walk alongside the truth of others without this creating war. This is the level of pure Equality.

You should be aware that the above are not given to you as definitions but as very broad guidelines to assist in your understanding of the much more specific details of your experiences as you use these Mandalas.


Temple Mandala


Base Placement 1


Base Placement 2


Base Placement 3


Base Placement 4


Base Placement 5


Base Placement 6


Base Placement 7