MASTER+ ~ Friday 21st August, 2015

~ The Reality of Space in Time &
The Realm of Energy into Matter


MASTER + mandala

Supports for MASTER+ :
Angel ~ Archangel Raphael
Stone ~ Merkaba
Oil ~ Vanilla
Plant Ally ~ Flower Plants
Animal Allies ~ Salmon, Atlantic Salmon
Tarot ~ Aces
Labyrinth ~ Mythology & Meaning for MASTER+

MASTER+ energy is like the “Sword of Truth” that spiritually ordains you into the responsibility of a disciplined life of contemplative prayer, that is, stilling yourself with the single-pointed focus of receiving instruction from the God Force so that you can personify and manifest that energy in your everyday, physical living. By receiving MASTER+ Energy you are given that dedicated, single-pointed focus which evolves you as a spiritual being because it aligns you spiritually with active involvement in Life. MASTER+ , in fact, ordains you into full engagement with everyday living. 


For those wishing to undertake MASTER+ study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.

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