MASTER + mandala

Study Date: Friday 21st August, 2015

The Reality of Space in Time
and the Realm of Energy into Matter


Master+ (Master Plus) energy is:
The ‘tuning fork’
• The call to finish what you have started
• Creating your Awakening Intuitive Brain

With the turning of the Earth’s Axis, dimensional experiences and greater realities of existence will open to those of you who are committed to living intuitively. Much greater awareness and a much greater expansion of energy for healing will also become available with this Axis Shift and, accompanying this gift of a significantly expanded ability to heal will be the greater expectation that you will do so!


By embodying the energies of the 13 Prism of Colour Healing rays and the 16 Masters’ Colours, you will be able to accept increasingly the responsibility of belonging to the reality and realms of energetic form.

Additional to the first 16 Masters’ Colours are the Masters’ Colours of the New World of living spiritually. By becoming one with these 7 additional “New World” Masters’ Colours – Dawn Pink, Dusk Aqua, Mother of Pearl, Teal, Noon, Midnight and Grey/Black – you will become ever more sensitive to how you are to create the New World of the future.

All the Masters’ Colours require you:

to be as One with the All beyond the one grain of sand,

to stand for yourself and to become the grain of sand that

builds and becomes the mountain to move humanity

and homes a future of energetic existence upon Earth.


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