Next study date: May 29th, 2015PEACH 99

The Ray of Psychic Bliss

MASTERS’ PEACH energy is:
• Conducting Ethereal Fluidium to your Psyche
• for Positive, Constructive Creativity and so,
• Maintaining the Life of Your Soul’s Purpose

PEACH is the energetic colour of Ethereal Fluidium – the fuel for your vehicle which conveys your Soul’s purpose into incarnation. And PEACH sets the flow of Ethereal Fluidium in motion.

PEACH helps you embrace life “no matter what”. PEACH is able to show you the total richness of your situation’s potential, quelling any confusion caused by what seems to be “too much happening” and showing you that you do not have to make difficult choices if you accept your situation as it is and allow it to unfold before you. PEACH, therefore, represents the fullest potential for positive creativity that lies within your present situation, no matter what it is.


By embodying the energies of the 13 Prism of Colour Healing rays and the 16 Masters’ Colours, you will be able to accept increasingly the responsibility of belonging to the reality and realms of energetic form.

Additional to the first 16 Masters’ Colours are the Masters’ Colours of the New World of living spiritually. By becoming one with these 7 additional “New World” Masters’ Colours – Dawn Pink, Dusk Aqua, Mother of Pearl, Teal, Noon, Midnight and Grey/Black – you will become ever more sensitive to how you are to create the New World of the future.

All the Masters’ Colours require you:

to be as One with the All beyond the one grain of sand,

to stand for yourself and to become the grain of sand that

builds and becomes the mountain to move humanity

and homes a future of energetic existence upon Earth.