Masters’ ZERO
2015 Study Date: Friday 13th March

The Ray of Wisdom
Reality of Universal Mind

Stone of—Okenite
Oil of—Lotus
Plant Ally—Blue Gum
Animal Ally—Indian Cobra
Planetary Ally—The Moon
Tarot—The Fool


On the Temple Mandala representing your psycho-spiritual perceptions, the Master’s Colour ZERO covers mandala numbers #32, #33, #34 (on Green Ray), #38 (on Lime Ray) and #28 (on Turquoise Ray). Meditating with these mandalas will assist you to understand ZERO energy at greater depth and to incorporate it into your etheric patterning as you live your daily life experiences.


Within ZERO lies a strengthening stillness which you can achieve. Imagine yourself floating within these still waters wherein you hear nothing except your real self, where you feel nothing except the strength of the water holding you, and where you see nothing except the sky above. What you are hoping to attain is the calm of the ever-forgiving state lying deep within you. 

-from Message from Angel Oceana, Peace Space Masters’ ZERO manual


For those wishing to undertake Masters’ ZERO study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.