Has it been a while since you’ve updated yours?

There are three new MAGENTA Animals which have been added in the past 12 months since the last MAGENTA Ray study day.

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131 Great Apes logo

Mandala #131 “The Energenetic Gateways” – The Great Apes
Chimpanzee & the Personal Boundary ~ ‘will care for your will’
Reflection ~ Self-Awareness ~ Expression ~ Communication ~ Compassion ~ Creativeness

Gorilla & the Professional Boundary ~ ‘to monocle your focus’
Noble Governance Generosity Fairness Justification Mindful Retreat

Orang-utan & the Public Boundary ~ ‘minding your mind’
Putting on a Face ~ Saving Face ~ Hearing your Truth ~ Mature Manner ~ Strong Bonds


77 Lyrebird logo

Mandala #77 “The Vow of Wedded Wings” – Lyrebird
First Call ~ Own Song ~ Honouring All Voices ~ Unconditional Love & Compassion ~
A Vow of Truth & Harmony


89 Shoaling and School Fish logo

Mandala #89 “Ménage of the Mind – Shoaling Fish
   Flexibility ~ Acceptance of All Realities ~ Greater Unconditional Responsibility ~ Open Minded