Offering further enlightenment as you traverse a peaceful path with Numbers & Colours.

You may already know and have a working affinity with your ‘Life Path’ number (the corresponding 1-13 Colour Ray of which is your Peace Space Life Path Colour). But did you know that in this current incarnation of your Soul’s life, you are also able to look into the energies relevant to the current year?

Working out your Current Year Number and its corresponding 1-13 Colour Ray unfolds even further understanding of the responsibilities and abilities you can employ to support your current year’s learning, with all its energetic occurrences and what they hold for you. By linking your ‘Life Path’ Number with your ‘Current Year’ Number you can bring insight into the unique nature of your Life Path learnings for any given year. This then provides you with encouragement and energetic support as you faithfully plod and pace yourself throughout the year.

If you choose to adopt this practice each year, you will be taken through a self-led reparative/healing cycle potentially every thirteen years, as there are 13 Peace Space Colour Rays each providing a separate healing study of different aspects of your psyche/human nature and together, forming a spiral staircase of ascended learning and mastery of your personal healing processes.

Step 1: Finding your ‘Life Path’ Number
First, find your numerological Birth Date Number by reducing all the numbers of your date of birth to a single digit (or a 1-13 Master number*). If you already know your Life Path Number, skip to step 2.

For example,

18th June 1975, or 18/06/1975 is added together as follows:

1+8 +6 +1+9+7+5 = 37, which then becomes 3+7 = 10, reduced to 1+0 = 1

At Peace Space, the number 1 sits with the MAGENTA Colour Ray.

Step 2: Working out your Current Year Number
Your Current Year Number will equate to your date and month of birth plus the current year, assisted also by a particular Colour Ray and its specific healing mandalas. To ascertain the energetic path of your year ahead, find your Current Year Number by reducing all the numbers to a single digit (or a 1-13 Master number*).

For example,

If your birth date is 18th June – 18/6 – you would add this to the current year (2016):  

1+8 +6 +2+0+1+6 = 24, which then becomes 2+4 = 6.

At Peace Space, the number 6 sits with the GREEN Colour Ray.

Further support from the Mandalas
So now you have two Peace Space Colour Rays to scaffold your walk through the current year. The journey of your Life and Current Year Paths will begin to be assisted by the Mandalas whose numbers they share. For instance, in our example (Life Path Number 1, and Current Year Number 6), Mandala #1 is RICH WHITE “The Mental Monument” and #6 is PASTEL MAGENTA “The Cape of Care”.

The Mandalas are each aligned to specific colour densities (such as RICH and PASTEL in the case of this example) and, therefore, to unique corrective energies of those particular Colour Rays which will further assist and guide you.

Each of these Mandalas will also advise you as to the energies you will be presented with to understand and master in your current year. These Mandalas will act as “stepping stones”, lightening your steps and making your chosen spiritual journey easier.

Once you have worked out your Current Year Number, you can determine the corresponding Peace Space Colour Ray by its number (see the list below).


So there you have it. A few ways in which the guidance from the Peace Space Mandalas and the healing Colour Rays is available to those who seek to use this method. As always, supportive discussion amongst the Peace Space Facebook community is encouraged.

To learn more about the Colour Rays specific to you this year and how Colour healing works, see this informative page on the 1-13 Colour Ray healing study, as well as the specific links for each Colour in the following list.

The 1-13 Colour Rays: 




* The 1-13 Master Numbers
The double numbers of the 1-13 Colour Rays are Master numbers  — 11, 22, 33, 44 — and so-called because they possess further potential and challenges for self-knowledge than single digit numbers, as mastery of their energy also lies through the further reduction to a single digit, i.e. 11 becomes 2, 22 becomes 4, 33 becomes 6, and 44 becomes 8.

When these numbers appear as your Life Path or Current Year Number, you have a choice as to which colour you will work with and also, whether you choose to work with both colours. This means that a Being with one of these double/1-13 Master numbers as their Birth Date Number may decide to work with the deeper mastery of:

TURQUOISE 11, as well as (or instead of further reduction to) WHITE 2
LIME 22, as well as (or instead of further reduction to) INDIGO 4
AMBER 33, as well as (or instead of further reduction to) GREEN 6
RUSSET 44, as well as (or instead of further reduction to) ORANGE 8