This piece is fifth in a series by Jane, see previously 1. Birthing and the Boab, 2. Striking A Cord In The Spiral of Change, 3. Spiralling Towards The New World and 4. Resonance Within The Cells With The Ancestors’ Cosmic Song.

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The New World Energy is spiralling towards us and all around. Our natural world responds in kind by growing and changing and ever evolving to meet that energy in integrative evolutionary alignment.

As you move around rhythmically in your daily life, your walk, your breath and your beating heart, you must then consider how you respond in kind, moving amongst everything else in your world that is also moving.

Your Earth, that is your home planet.

Your Sun, that is your source.

And your moon, which is your time and tide, your Seasons and your Stars.

Masters’ DUSK AQUA “Resting in the New World, The Meditative Dream State in your every waking Moment” is our guide to begin supporting us in this contemplative expansion. 

“It will help you to achieve this State if, like the Aboriginal Ancestors, you imbue every single thing with eternal consciousness by seeing it that way, yourself.

“It will also help if, like traditional indigenous peoples everywhere, you learn to acknowledge your equality of “Place” and everything that creates that place. Rocks, trees, waterholes, animals and stars and birds.

“Traditionally connected Indigenous people will often relate significant events in their lives by referring to eternally occurring conditions, or rhythmic qualities, of animals, plants, weather, seasons, the heavens, the light, the wind, the shadows, and so on.  They embody the characteristics of animals, plants, stars and other elements of country in certain knowledge that by so doing, they replenish, renew and recreate the Earth and all her beings as well as the entire Cosmos.  Such replenishment is always in accordance with the intelligence that maintains cosmic balance.” 

- from Masters’ DUSK AQUA manual

Within the Peace Space mode to healing, each colour is accompanied by a healing, a Heavenly Body, Song, Prayer, a supporting Angel’s message, Animal totem, Crystal, Plant and Plant Oil, all of which directly support the integration of the relative colour perception.

In the last piece on this subject, we found the resonance between the stories of the Slug, the Emperor Moth and a human baby’s development, rhythmically moving to begin the process of pushing cerebro-spinal fluid and opening up neural pathways to access higher and more integrative neural functioning. It is also essential for proprioceptive and vestibular functioning – to understand where you are in space relative to your world, your boundaries and your interaction within and without.

There was reference, too, to the method of Rhythmic Movement, originating from Sweden*, and Holistic Pulsing as used by a number of Peace Space Healers. These methods of rhythm and movement allow for the activation of inbuilt spirals within cells which are receptive to changes in energy.

The Slug, according to Ted Andrews,

“. . . is related to the Yod in the hebrew alphabet, both being similar shapes. In Qabalistic traditions, the letter Yod stands for the occult faculty of touch (tactile proprioception) and of the sexual union (procreation of cells). It is shaped like a sacred seed. When Slug appears as a totem or messenger, we are opening to higher vision. A new path is opening. This path and its symbols and imagery, place before us opportunities to . . evolve on a spiritual level. We are setting energy in motion which proclaims to the Universe, “I am ready to accept change in my life!”

 The Yod is associated with the path of the Hermit. Within the Peace Space mode to healing, the Hermit sits within White Ray, the Willingness to be Well.

“White Ray Healing cleans and transposes the muddy residues of your manifold hurts and ensures source energy can flow once more throughout your etheric pattern. To understand how this occurs, you should understand the nature and function of Stargates, for White Ray Healing is also known as “Stargate Healing”.

- from Peace Space’s WHITE Ray manual.

The WHITE Ray manual will assist your unfolding understanding regarding the differences between Chakras and Stargates. This is a very important point to ponder as it relates directly to spirals and as we have been shown, the activation of spirals is essential to get energy flowing into matter.

Exploring the WHITE Ray manual will also assist you to contemplate neural pathways, energy lines and centres that have, until now, been not ready or unable to accept change due to immature responses as a result of unopened or blocked pathways in the neural nervous system.  

Chakras relate to your method and Stargates relate to your motive. You can be greatly supported by Masters’ 999 CRIMSON manual “The Awakened Alchemist, Alchemically Actualising the New World” when you are relating this information to the full explanation of the movement of energy patterns and the spirals that they create.

“Your task as an Earth Dragon – the “I” component of the alchemical Process is to create seeds, or cells and plant and nurture their growth.  It is not for you to even harvest the seeds let alone asses their worth according to how you perceive their productiveness”.

- from Peace Space’s Masters’ CRIMSON manual.

The DUSK AQUA mandala (below) says – “Become the Rainbow River of the Stars, sent to nurture the lands of the Earth, to quench their spiritual drought, to sow the Seeds of your Soul”

dusk aqua mandala final

We will learn more about these New World seeds in the coming years but for now let us tend the seeds in our sphere of influence.


This piece is dedicated to Amber and her new seed Andrew and my own brood of seeds whichever form they may take.




More Simplified Magic by Ted Andrews,
* Movements That Heal by Dr Harald Blomberg and Moira Dempsey