C&P numbers and symbols page


While the process of this Procedure is clearly delineated in the Clearing & Protection Manual, it is important to stress that there is no “right” or “correct” way.

Sometimes it is not possible to set up 21 candles—or 3 or even 1 (here, one’s ability to visualise may be stretched to the utmost!). Generally, it is possible to set up a small place for 3 candles (certainly 1) and ask, if necessary, that the flame of each be multiplied by the number required by the level at which you are clearing and protecting.

How to conduct a Clearing & Protection procedure “on the go”
If you are asked to clear at a time when / at a place where you don’t have your Manual or when lighting candles and burning paper is impossible – relax.

  • Simply clear and raise the ill-positioned energy.
  • Ask that it be bound to the Light and transposed into positive energy and returned, when appropriate, for positive purpose and use.
  • Ask that you (and any relevant other) be placed in an individual seal of White Light (separate seals for you and for any/everyone or any/everything else)—as there is no point in clearing without sealing.
  • Thank Guidance and Source that this be done.

And know that this has been done!

How this relates to Light A Candle requests
A similar “on the go” approach is also relevant when joining in lighting a candle at the request of another. When those who have chosen to participate in the Light A Candle call-out receive the anonymous request (by email), it often comes while they are at work, not at home, or otherwise at a time where it is not feasible to actually light the candle they may have set up for the dedicated purpose of this level of service.

In this case, it would be most appropriate to hold the energy by asking (and trusting!) for the concern to be held in the Light, in a similar way to the above method for C&P without actual physical candles.

How you can join in Lighting A Candle for others on request
If you feel drawn to contributing your energy to this level of service, all you need to do is send an email to lightacandle@peacespace.com.au with the Subject: “Add my email” – you need not provide any personal information other than a valid email address. Your address will only ever be used to send requests for lighting a candle when they are received by Peace Space. All are welcome to be included, and we appreciate your support if you do choose to join the group performing these uplifting energy space-holdings.



The most important, indeed the only, essential in this Procedure is your intent to do this work.
With this in mind, take heart that each time you perform this level of clearing and protecting with clear and genuine positive intent, you are contributing in service to the All.