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There is a rhythm to birthing movement. At Peace Space, Rhythm is aligned with Masters’ Colour OCHRE 444: The Ray of Reconciliation, the Rhyme and Rhythm of the Ancestors.

Studying the Peace Space mode to healing, we are on a path of Ascension. One of the most important tenets of Masters’ Colour SEPIA 333 “Wisdom’s Guide to the Path of Ascension, Awakening Kundalini Rising Ascension Experiencing Spiritual Being” is movement and the importance of keeping fit and healthy in our thinking and body, through constant movement.

Dr Harald Blomberg MD is a Psychiatrist in Sweden who opened up these Rhythmic Movements to a wider audience. His book is fascinating reading as he approaches the work from a mental health approach. His professional partner, Moira Dempsey, brings the world of Spectrum to the fore and the importance of movement to release restriction and expand into greater capacity both mentally and physically is very positive.

It would be interesting to get feedback on this from a psychologist’s perspective.

We are also developing our Awakened Intuitive Brain, which is the study of Master+.  In order to open up into a new level of functioning through Master+, we will need to reconcile all areas of the brain and neural pathways that have been closed off or diverted during times of stress or trauma, either from reactionary responses or because these areas have never been opened up due to under-matured infant reflexes.

The deeper resonance of Rhythmic Movement is observed in the spontaneous movements of a baby that stimulates, organises and develops the brain.  According to cell biologist James Oschman in his book ‘Energy Medicine’, the scientific basis is that the body is a living matrix in which all parts are in contact with each other, from the skin to the cell nuclei. The information between the different parts is transmitted not only by nerve signals but by electromagnetic impulses of different frequencies.

The rhythm of the movements gives an alternating stimulation of the brain through nerve signals from sensory cells in the vestibular, tactile and proprioceptive senses. Nerve signals are transmitted to the brain via the transmitter substance, such as dopamine, glutamate and gamma-Animobutyric acid (GABA).

An alternating stimulation is much more efficient than an uninterrupted one since the brain can’t get used to alternating stimulation.  The brain quickly gets used to fast, constant stimuli and the arousing effect of this rapidly ceases.  Information throughout the living matrix of the body is also transmitted by different kinds of energy.  Many of the most important molecules of the muscles and skeleton are formed as spirals.  This makes them elastic and gives them good resonance properties.  When the body is set in oscillation by the Rhythmic Movements, weak electromagnetic fields are created which transmit information to all parts of the body, especially the nervous system and brain.

- from Movements that Heal, by Dr Harald Blomberg MD and Moira Dempsey

Masters’ CRIMSON 999 The Ray of the awakened Alchemist, Alchemically Actualising the New World, opens up a greater vision and profundity to the concept of the spirals and the ability to ignite an alchemical process within both from an atomic cellular level outward and from our Source connection to the Soul.

Masters’ FIREGOLD 888, The Ray of Sounding the Spiritual Significance of the Symphony of the Spheres and the Ray of Listening for the Spiritual Understanding and Spiritual Awareness, is essential to the Ascension process as it relates to Sound, and Sound makes form.

The muscles and skeleton of the body, with their molecular spirals, need to be ready to listen and resonate with your whole being, not just your ears.



More Simplified Magic by Ted Andrews,
Movements That Heal by Dr Harald Blomberg and Moira Dempsey
Healing Botanicals by Lee Baxter


OCHRE mandala 444 SEPIA mandala 333 CRIMSON mandala 999FIREGOLD mandala 888


MASTER + mandala