RUSSET mandala 59

Understanding your psychological and perceptional states 

Faithful, psychologically stable and spiritually productive RUSSET may seem rather dry, mundane and “matter-of-fact”, for it is the colour of the psychological stability you will require if you are to learn your spiritual lessons through the physical experiences of your life.

However, having such psychological stability means that you can live your physical existence while managing your spiritual purpose with an even, methodical, steady and surefooted pace. It means that you will be securely grounded in your physical existence.

RUSSET Ray prepares you to understand your psychological and perceptional states so that you can recognise the extent to which the ways you view your physical world have been directed by society’s narrow perceptions, and can now open, instead, to the way of the “Fan of Faith”.

With this Colour Ray study, you will have further understanding of:

The pace of Earth and Nature (RUSSET, closely associated with the Animal Kingdom, acts as a forerunner to your physical responses);
Your spiritual productivity (RUSSET presents you with continual experiences so you may go through them at a measured and methodical pace);
“As above, so below” (grounding your higher awareness into your physical consciousness, releasing of social barriers for physical security and standing in – and practicing – your spiritual convictions);
Male Christ consciousness (your patient and measured understanding of an Earthly existence through the “daily grind” of the human experience;
The independent and non-manipulative self (the psychological mastery of standing aside from manipulation or co-dependence);
True spiritual intimacy (being prepared to walk the path of Faith together with others of like mind);
Integration (of all your physical experiences and giving that integration out into service – RUSSET shows your preparedness to pull up your sleeves and get dirt under your fingernails!)

2014 Study Date: Friday 5th September

the Ray of your Psychological Levels
and of your
Faith and Patience
in pursuing the
Path of your Higher Purpose
in your Physical Existence 

RUSSET mandala 99

Your Colour Healing Journey
It is generally understood that the purpose of the spiritual journey is less the destination than it is the experience of travelling.  While this is true of this Colour journey, its purpose extends beyond “spiritual acquisitiveness” in all its forms and leads the committed traveller into healing realms and ever expanding awareness for the sake of serving dimensional life previously unknown and unimagined.

For those wishing to undertake RUSSET Ray study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.