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Energy moves in spirals. The Realm of “Energy into Matter” sits with Master+ (see the Peace Space Master+ study). 

Master+ says:

“Make thyself mend and bend the broken and blocked byways of your brain”.

– Master+ Governance from the Labyrinth Mandala Commentary, Peace Space Master+ manual.

The incredible journey of the Master+ totem – the Salmon, as it goes back to its natal stream or point of origin – helps us understand that we, too, can begin this journey supported within the rings of growth of all the Masters Colours that make up the Master+ Mandala.

The journey we take will bring experiences flowing towards us like the energy spirals of water as it flows down the river of our life.

All the energetic experiences that will come towards us are needed for our individual Ascension process and by using the Master colours and Master+ manual, you will have the infrastructure to manage your energy by relating to every one of your experiences as energetic opportunities for spiritual growth.

So movement creates energy . . . But how does that fix my, or my children’s, broken or blocked or, in many cases, immature primal reflexes – the unopened byways of my brain?

Hopefully, these diagrams will clearly relate the importance of movement and rhythm:


This diagram depicts neural pathways in a baby at birth and then 2 months old. Babies move rhythmically and their neural networks increase exponentially as they move.  If you have ever seen a baby on the floor they are like a little slug, wiggling and jiggling back and forward, side to side, rhythmically repeating the same movements over and over again.  That is how they come to mature their neural and nervous networks into processing proprioception (often referred to as the “sixth sense”), posture and position in space and, therefore, how to interact both within and without. It is how their boundaries are created and also interconnects with audio-visual and speech development.

The act of movement and rhythm is primal for all and imperative for expansion into the New World of being energy into matter.

There seem to have been slugs everywhere recently and I have been watching them move.

“Slug” – Ted Andrews

“They move through hydraulics.  This means rather than moving through the work of muscles against joints, they move through the interaction of muscles and fluid movement. The body fluids contract the muscles, causing the slug to stretch and push. As it relaxes, it becomes smaller until the fluid advances once more through the muscles.  Remember that the slug moves slowly but steadily, a reminder that there are no shortcuts.”

This sounds like a birthing and I now realise all the magical qualities of Nature’s plan to birth each child includes a great deal of internal processes to open up and release these neonatal reflexes through the pushing and pulling and the distribution of nerve impulses and fluids throughout the baby to make it ready for the outside world.

Remember the story of the Emperor Moth in the last article, who had been freed through early intervention from its cocoon?

Soon the moth emerged, but it had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings. The man continued to watch the moth, expecting that in time the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to support the body, which would simultaneously contract to its proper size.

Neither happened in fact that little moth spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It was never able to fly.

This commentary speaks to me about a baby’s swollen genitalia after it is born. It is said that this occurs due to hormones and, therefore, wholly connected to the endocrine system, however, it is still fluid.  It would be interesting to find out from a midwife / mother who has experienced a lotus birth as to whether there were any noticeable differences in the swelling.  Lotus Births at Peace Space sit with Masters’ ZERO, The Realm of Original Raw Energy, No-thing, Innocence, Unity and Equilibrium. 

Zero is important for emptying out and coming back to your point of origin.  Zero relates to the umbilicus our most primal point of connection and its importance with Lotus birth is that the umbilical cord is allowed to fall away once all the pulsations conveying energy and fluid between child and placenta have ceased.

Questions we might ask include:~
Did the lotus birthing create a different pathway in the first days of development?
What was the impact of ongoing pulsations of the uterus post-partum, and did these allow for all the fluids to be directed beyond the base chakra?

The process of Ascension means moving up a spiral, up and out of our base needs to the enlightenment beyond. Are we not all trying to get up and out and move beyond this centre of energy and reach a higher level of functioning, away from trawling through the shadows of all our time past present future trying to evolve beyond our own primordial pond?

Maybe if we were all lotus birthed when we came in (were physically birthed) we could experience what it is like to turn our clock back to Zero. 



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Masters' ZERO mandala

Masters’ ZERO mandala