A new series of channelled Stone wisdom began in 2015 at Peace Space. Amber was one such Stone to come forward.



Amber speaks…

Do not wail in the worry. Elimination of fear is key to my energy, bringing about a resilience.

I am a lighter. Lighting and protecting.

I hold many untold stories of remedy which are able to be accessed at the appropriate times.

Do not hold fear, lighten your load.
I have a buoyancy that will help you do this.

Imaginative stretches do not come to light. I pull out and highlight the truth within imagination. Let my energy wash over you; it will strengthen and reassure when you are in doubt. My ancient DNA can help to access all points of light/life. Be pleased and happily confident with my helping energy — you shall be buoyant from head to toe.

I hold the energy to be able to clear a messy, fearful mind and restructure glitches in the system.

I hold a strengthening factor as I carry the characteristic of stone /mineral / resin.

I can help with re-wiring authoritarian issues. I am a cleanser of the mental and physical.

Cascading forth is the love I have for humankind in my resilient, healing, golden energy.

I stand extremely strong and help a Being to stand strong and happy.
Depression can be encased and closed with my help.

Access my energy for happiness, resilience,  buoyancy, to eradicate fear, and for being your true self.



Amber stone sits with SPECTRUM AMBER Mandala #49 The Transition of the Initiate, along with the Moose (Elk).