A new series of channelled Stone wisdom began in 2015 at Peace Space. Fluorite was one such Stone to come forward.


Fluorite speaks…

You don’t need a piece to write about me. Consciously calling you is Fluorite’s motto.

Be conscious, be aware.

I’m great with gathering for togetherness. Therefore, I am a cultural stone. I speak many languages and resonate with many cultures through the aeons of time. I am a speech master, I can clear your thoughts to enable clear precise speech. I can also be used as an audible system when needed. I am also a clean sweeper. I have an oxygenation about my cleansing ability. I am a great cleanser.

I can help you to take the time to really see and clearly spread your options. If you need to have your eggs in more than one basket I can help you with this. Being that I resonate with various hues, I find the multi-tasking aspect—doing many things—quite easy. Call on my energy when this needs to be done.

Physically, bone density issues can be assisted with my help. Forming augmentation of the skeletal system can also be aided.

I help with cultural consciousness, helping to soften a negative aspect and cruelty in the past.

Another aspect of mine is the heart which I shall strengthen and also soften at the same time.

The eyes, nose and throat can be cleansed with my assistance. This relates to what you see, therefore, what you say—if there is negativity in these situations I can help with that.

Use my oxygenated scrubbing ability to help cleanse situations or places. I am a wonder at this!! Take the time to listen to yourself and your heart, be consciously aware and be sure to trust this—that is most important.

Keep on keeping on.

Thank you.



Fluorite stone sits with BRIGHT GREEN Mandala #22 The Teardrop of Emergence, along with the Dolphin and the Gingko plant.