A new series of channelled Stone wisdom began in 2015 at Peace Space. The first of the pieces to speak was Garnet.


Garnet speaks…

I will say thank you for choosing me. I carry a resounding energy for you to access at this point in time. Resilience and abundance is what I instil within. I hold access points on me which will help you to attain this energy, and this energy is actually quite condensed and awaiting usage.

For your physical body, I am a blood cleanser, and for your mental I am a heart cleanser, which can be of use when hurts have been carried for so long and then permeated into the cellular of the physical affecting one then mentally. I will slowly, but ever so surely, ease those burdens you carry. What I shall show you is there is absolutely no need for you to carry these burdens any longer.

I will align the musculoskeletal system with the energetic. I shall give you immense, abundant energy as I also awaken and align the base chakra. Alignment is the key here, in all that is ailing you, whether physical, mental or both. Sometimes you may be called to do extra work with alignment but with the ease of my energy, alignment is all that is required. Stay strong and positive within yourself and your surroundings. I shall show you a lightness and playfulness of the heart.

My message when you find yourself in my surroundings is,

don’t take everything to heart.

I shall help this to resound. It is very simple. And simplicity is key. I shall increase your thirst for knowledge so that with whatever you may be taking on using intelligent effort you shall be one step head, always.

My energy holds a gracious brightness, a hue of pink, so energetically you can work within the sphere of physicality and also be aligned with the Angelic realm.

I hold no affirmations. I am the positive affirmation.

Once you access my energy, the cleansing and positivity shall go to work. I am a grounder but also hold a fast, quickening energy. So if something needs to be done and procrastination is involved, access my energy — I shall help you with this.

I am extremely cleansing for the gums and can be used as a mouth cleanser for gingivitis. With my assistance sexual balance can be restored. I’m very good for vegans and vegetarians as vitamin B and iron is increased with a tonic of Garnet.

For keeping positivity and vitality in your life, access my abundant energy. There is a swift change from misery and melancholy to vitality and resilience with my help — all you need to do is ask. I will slowly and softly help you and highlight what you have been doing incorrectly for you up until now.

I shall highlight and bring knowledge into your life so you are able to access change for your beautiful potential to blossom.


Garnet sits with LIGHT RED Mandala #64 The Pavement of the Middle Path, along with the Ant.