A new series of channelled Stone wisdom began in 2015 at Peace Space. Green Apophyllite was one such Stone to come forward.

Green Apophyllite speaks…

It is so easy, actually, so much easier than you may think.

Hardly taking on your thought processes, but just being, is what I, Apophyllite, shall show and teach you.

You have been ever so hard upon yourself, I shall help with this. It is now your time to turn over a new leaf. Sometimes you are shown the harsher realities of your thoughts and thinking patterns in order to start anew.

Be as I.
Love one as I.
Love you.

Much disrespect can be hardened, or harden one, my iridescent flow can soften and soothe this hardening within. Are you ready to begin again? Be as one with who you truly are, mistakes shall be made, but the will be made for the learning, your self love learning.

Be you.

There is no need to follow another, you have all and more that you may need. Your strength is underlying, you are not frail, or weak, you are a powerhouse! I shall help you to realise this. My energy is soft, cleansing, magic and transformational—this is especially in regards to your thought recordings within.

Now is your great time to see who your are, see what you’ve got and so very easily shine this upon your world.

I am a great balancer of the thought process, which will help you to come to understand the undeniably beautiful structure in what you have to give to your/this world.

When one is overheating, I am able to help with the balancing of the body’s temperature as my cool waters shall soothe. I am soothing for blistering skin, also for burns, and great for anxiety. Keep me in a place that is needing change and you shall ever so subtly see me at work.

Be you. Love you.



Green Apophyllite stone sits with Masters’ MINT Mandala #111.