A new series of channelled Stone wisdom began in 2015 at Peace Space. Rose Quartz was one such Stone to come forward.


Rose Quartz speaks…

I know you are so familiar with me. Are you really? When I am in someone’s energy, or brought into their energy field, that is because I actually mirror an aspect of that said energy. I’m hoping one will know and understand this. It shall then bring so much clarity to oneself.

Do you know yourself?

How well?

There will always be those surprising layers that you can unfurl. I’m a stone of self evolvement; with my ever so loving energy there will be a movement energy, also, an “e-volving” energy. When you’re finding it may be time to relax a little, to give and show yourself some self love, I shall also be orchestrating a moving energy as well. So one may be still, yet still evolve through applying self love.

I carry within me a dark hue of red. There lies the physical movement. The Kundalini, you may say. I omit a very caring, soothing, loving and soft, yet strengthening, presence. So yes, I’m an all rounder, so therefore once again I have a mirroring effect upon one.

I’m so abundant within the earth. Humanity as a whole really is needing this abundance of loving and strengthening energy, and yet this loving and strengthening is found within each and every soul upon the earth.

This love can soften, heal, create and soothe.

I bring and alight patience within one’s energetic pattern, especially patience with the self. I can create space within this pattern so that patience can instil.

I help with alignment of the spine and alleviating of migraines. I help with the formation of young baby souls also. My key words: Forward, physicality, mirroring and the love of the truthful Self.

Rose Quartz.


Rose Quartz stone sits with SPECTRUM MAGENTA Mandala #9 The Circle of Consideration, along with the Brushtailed Possum.