A new series of channelled Stone wisdom began in 2015 at Peace Space. Sulphur was one such Stone to come forward.

Sulphur speaks…

As I said before to you, Sulphur is an extractor, giving benefit to the fact that all that is not needed in your physical and energetic patterning shall then be extracted. It is not needed. So why hold on. Sulphur stands alone.

Take it from me, I can help you to dispel any emotional negativity that is being carried and physically, I can cleanse your energetic systems. Your first thought is that I can be quite hard to take and that may be because I have such a strong extracting energy and that does not sit well with some, as the energy system is more akin to taking in rather than letting go. Letting out.

I can heal skin lesions, skin being one of the first lines of defence towards physical disease, and once that is done, I then integrate the further understanding as to why there was, in fact, a lesion in the first place. I have a strong aesthetic energy. The aesthetic aligns with wanting to dispose of outmoded ways and bring in a new energy for the world to see. That being said, I am also a cleanser, helping to change you physically in line with your new belief as to what you find aesthetically pleasing and, as with growth in your self, this will happen.

Everchange and evolvement needs to happen inside first then on the outer, or vice versa — it’s all about your confidence within. Less confident ones or beings who have been battered down shall be reluctant to access my energy for fear of change. But I can help this change to happen seamlessly. Being happy or not within one’s skin can have a plethora of issues behind it. I can help to mend and start to make that change.

I have a quick-burning ability. I can help to quickly singe away old held thoughts that are debilitating to you and not needed any more. Access my energy for that quick-change and to bring about a new-found confidence within yourself.

Be who you want to be inside and out.

There is such a simplicity in this. A beautiful simplicity.

My job is to draw out and meld at the same time. Possibilities are endless with my use. Once that tiny step is taken, a ‘Pandora’s box’ shall be open to your potential with my help. I am a confidence giver.

I can be particularly useful for the feet,  for fungus and body alignment.


Sulphur sits with WHITER SHADE OF PALE YELLOW Mandala #70 The Essential Ascent, along with the Gibbon.