“Seeing as another sees and, in a supportive role, accepting what another sees are ‘steering commitments’.”

– from Peace Space’s MAGENTA mandala #89, Ménage of the Mind.

This is a time of year where you may find yourself with refreshed open-mindedness after some intense and fruitful healing time. As we enter a year of completion (9 – derived from adding 2016), the Peace Space meaning of this signifies a year of tying up loose ends, culmination, preparing for new ways, and of course, for those who knew her, it will herald a full year since we said goodbye to Jen. In continuing to learn to find our own way, and calling on the work so willingly imparted, it seems a number of us in the Peace Space community have spent the transition from the old year to the new one in a space of quiet repose, of learning more about the vastness of this colour energy work at Peace Space, and of waiting and listening out for the next step of our individual – yet communal – journeys.

To that end, the following healing is for the last days of a long hard journey when your enthusiasm only belongs to the end in sight. Say farewell to the way that you have known it. Do not linger in regret or even think of the way you thought it was – for it is not so.

To assist in highlighting, and to capsule, the unconditional acceptance of your new beginning(s) while the shift is made from any residues of resistance or recalcitrant attitudes, you may wish to perform the following (Step 10 of the Peace Space Etheric Transfusion*).



• From within your Crimson-coloured Diamond of Divine Intent (Top Diamond), place a seal of MAGENTA (the Ray of your will to unconditionally accept and love all Universal Life Forms) around this Diamond.
• Infuse the inner circle with cream – the colour may at first appear murky until the residue is released.
• Wait until the pattern is pure cream in colour. This healing stage is akin to a chest infection or congestion, for it is the lungs** that funnel source energy from the life cord into the entirety of the body.
The learning and the experiences you are to have from your new settings, your upgraded data, are not yet able to be a story to be told. However, your task now is to take time in space to be with this energy, very consciously, and allow yourself to remain tuned in to its vibration. By taking time to be with the energy involved in your updated settings and data, it will then be able to communicate its story and you will be purified in your creative intent as you head into your new life potential. When your Diamond of Divine Intent is purified of the dust and the weary, then you may write upon the pages the way as you have seen it.
• Spend time with this diamond pallet of CREAM and MAGENTA and when it presents as pure and clean, watch for the new mediums that appear now on your palette – the colours, the tools, et cetera – all that appears will make up your new world.
There will not be many or a lot of tools required, for the Soul’s work is much more one-pointed than the many facets that your Spirit wants to experience. These tools will be everlasting in this life. Be aware, though, that lost time spent with your tools is the personality and Self-Conscious State that changes its mind so constantly as to how it will learn this life. You always have to learn according to the Soul, but it does not have to be as difficult or confusing as your physical or Self-Conscious State elects to make it.

ET step10 new graphic 2016

Do as you must do, but please know that the Soul says keep it simple – do not fuss or rush. Focus on all that you want to achieve but always remember to ask your conscience why and then proceed with being productive.

All this Diamond of Divine Intent now asks of you is to define your focus and intent. Its purpose is not to expect you to cram physical doing into your life. It is present to focus your intent of learning about your spiritual Self and to bring you into really honouring your life as an expression of your Soul. Be in the moment, in each all-colour moment, as a Spiritual being.

Soul searching is the only search necessary when you are looking at your life. This can be achieved in a simple way, by unconditionally accepting your all-colour moments, or in an individual – sole – way, with your sole purpose far from your Soul’s Divine Intent. Either way, it is as it is and will be as it will be.

Take stock.

Keep it simple.

And only tend to that which comes your way.

Leave space for that which is your way to enter.


Stop, Look . . . and Listen.


* The immediate purpose of Etheric Transfusion is to re-establish the natural harmony of the chakras within your etheric body, something that will then be able to bring greater health to your dense physical body. Etheric Transfusion is a transitionary process—it is, after all, parallel and akin to your spiritual evolution as a Lightbody. We prefer that you achieve its healing in stages. When your Higher Self is ready to reach higher – that is, when your Soul-body calls you to stretch your commitment to higher (and humbler) spiritual learning – you will find that stages of the Etheric Transfusion will assist you with the transition towards such spiritual growth and ascension. It will also help keep you in your Divine Intent, focused upon what is ordained—for everything else is nothing more nor less than redundant!

** You breathe all new life force via your lungs – be aware that you grieve and resist with your lungs. It is the breath that quickens and gasps or holds tight while you grieve and resist and it is your lungs that manifest colds and coughs when you have short changed yourself from being in the time in space required to infuse the new scenes and updated data presented to you. Your inhale and exhale will show you, by virtue of their depth, shortness, shallowness, wheeziness, etc., that your lungs are, in fact, capable of breathing in new life.