NW DAWN PINK mandala


Bringing Heaven to Earth and Dawning the New World 

“… you are to become the ‘Earth Angels’ who will anchor life-enhancing energy into the Earth plane
and carry those who are worried and weary onward,
into the arms of their highest Healers.”

from Purpose, Protection, Peace, Prayer 

Rather than being “the place where you go to after you die—if you’ve been good”, Heaven, and DAWN PINK especially, is the space of contemplation between the after and the before of your thoughts, actions and reactions. DAWN PINK’s slow “meanwhile” time will allow you the pace to discover what is meaning within Universal Life for, by showing you the consequences of your every thought, wish, action, interaction and reaction, DAWN PINK will reveal to you the spiritual significance of every miniscule aspect of your own existence.

When you are made aware of this, the energy of DAWN PINK/Heaven will unbind you from all Earth-boundedness.


New World MASTERS’ DAWN PINK Supports:

Angel ~ St. Peter
Stone ~ Mookaite
Oil ~ Ambrette Seed
Plant Ally ~ Carnation (Pink)
Animal Ally ~ Koala
Tarot ~ The Tarot’s Querent


2014 Study Date: Friday 7th November

Dawning the New World of Spiritual Existence 

• Bringing Heaven to Earth
• the Colour of Humanness

ALL MASTERS temple with new world& masters' colours mandala& awakened brain

For those wishing to undertake NW Masters’ DAWN PINK study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.